Preservation of early pregnancy

How to keep a pregnancy at an early age

But is this really bad? Is modern medicine unable to change the situation for the better? But how about keeping a pregnancy? Let's understand.

Why does pregnancy end with miscarriage?

To begin with, for what reasons pregnancy can result in spontaneous miscarriage.

The first is "natural selection". Do not ignore Mother Nature, which "casts off" weak offspring. If the fetus has genetic disorders (but not of a hereditary nature!), Which arose from mutagenic factors (radiation, viruses, harmful work), then pregnancy almost always ends in spontaneous miscarriage. Statistics say that for this reason, 70% of miscarriages occur even at the time when a woman does not even suspect her "interesting situation".

The second - hormones, hormones & hellip; The main "pregnant" hormone is progesterone, and the course of pregnancy depends on it. If, for some reason, the synthesis of progesterone "slowed down" - there will be a miscarriage.

Third - poor health. Trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus and herpetic infection, syphilis, rubella, viral hepatitis, pneumonia, appendicitis, influenza and tonsillitis are all a serious threat to the fetus in the early stages. On the other hand, and to treat these diseases is extremely undesirable in the first trimester of pregnancy. Having cured a sore that is harmful to the fetus, will it be better?

The fourth is Rh-conflict. If the future mother has a "Rhesus negative body," then the embryo with positive Rhesus will be perceived as an alien body, which must be torn off (so decided by the same Mother Nature).

The fifth is a way of life. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are many called "allies of miscarriages."

The sixth is calmness and anxiety. Stress, hard work and injuries can also cause a miscarriage.

How to suspect something is amiss?

As mentioned above, most often an arbitrary miscarriage occurs before a woman finds out about her pregnancy. But it also happens otherwise. The test stripes painted, the body felt pregnant, but suddenly everything began to crumble. Every woman will immediately feel wrong, because the beginning of a miscarriage does not pass asymptomatically. Drawing pains in the lower abdomen and lower back, cramping attacks, spotting from the vagina, and even fever, chills and general malaise - these are the conditions that indicate that the body is threatened with spontaneous abortion.

At the first signs, a woman needs to call an ambulance, as a spontaneous miscarriage can result not only in the end of pregnancy, but can become a serious threat to the life of the woman herself. Often happens that spontaneous abortion was "incomplete", that is, in the uterine cavity there were elements of the fetal egg that can lead to inflammation, therefore, require cleaning.

To save or not?

In the West, pregnancies up to 12 weeks in general "do not touch." And even if there is a threat of its interruption with the described symptoms - pregnancy is not preserved. All give into the hands of unknown forces (they honor natural selection). At us on preservation can put in hospital already on 5th week of pregnancy. Good or bad is a difficult question. Naturally, the woman for whom the pregnancy that has come is a welcome event, will make every effort to keep it.

However, statistics - an inexorable thing, and argues that it is very difficult to keep pregnancy in the early stages, unless the reasons for the threat of its interruption are not serious.

For example, if you are diagnosed with "hypertension of the uterus," you will have to "work" to maintain your pregnancy. Bed rest is the main condition for successful treatment.

With a serious threat of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy (up to 20 weeks) you can be sent to a hospital in the gynecology department. In a hospital it is easier to keep a pregnancy, because you will be under the constant supervision of medical staff. Of the drugs that "save" pregnancy can be called magnesium preparations, injections of no-shpy, candles with papaverine, and if necessary (if hormone deficiency is detected) and progesterone preparations (Dyufaston, Utrozhestan).

In the hospital you will have to observe a strict bed rest and take many tests (blood tests, urine and smears).

As soon as the pain and bleeding stopped - you can consider that the pregnancy was saved, but you should not relax and all the following months you have to be extremely careful not to be "saved" again. There are many cases when pregnancy was spent in the hospital, but as a result a long-awaited baby was born.

Pregnancy is saved before its onset

Doctors tirelessly repeat: pregnancy should be saved long before its onset. First, the "interesting situation" should be planned. Secondly, the pregnancy that has occurred should be in the hands of an experienced specialist.

Refuse bad habits. Take care of proper nutrition. Saturate the body with the necessary vitamins of pregnancy (vitamin E, folic acid). Cure all the troubling sores. Hand over the necessary tests. Take all kinds of examinations. Avoid medication. Enjoy life.

Remember, a calm nervous system is the main condition for a successful pregnancy.

Easy to you and joyful pregnancy!

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