Press after cesarean section

Is it possible to pump the press after cesarean section?

To begin with, nature itself has taken care of the fact that after the birth, namely after the cesarean section, the abdominal muscles will be restored on their own. But, since the recovery period is about nine months, we, it would be more expedient for women to speed up this process a little and help the abdominal muscles recover faster. How? There are some wonderful tips.

Tip # 1.

In order to increase the tone of the skin and saturate it with the necessary moisture, you should regularly use scrubs and body creams. Choose creams based on natural ingredients or prepare special creams themselves, at home (for example, cream from mummies).

Tip # 2.

To the abdominal muscles much faster took their original form, it is recommended to lie on your stomach during rest. In addition, if you like to sleep on your stomach, it will also help reduce the uterus.

Tip # 3.

Regular use of the postpartum bandage will help tightly tighten the body from the chest to the hips, hide postnatal stretch marks and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Tip # 4.

While walking with a toddler, wear a kangaroo on your back, not on your stomach, thus reducing the strain on the flaccid abdominal muscles.

Tip # 5.

If you decide to practice at the gym, after half a year after cesarean section, be sure to notify the instructor that you gave birth by caesarean section. The instructor should develop a set of exercises that are right for you. In doing so, he must monitor the number of loads during training.

Tip # 6.

If you want to start the press at home, then start 10 minutes of training, while carefully watch your feelings. If you feel that the stitches are getting sick, then it's better to wait a bit longer with the exercises.

Tip # 7.

Visiting the pool will help strengthen and tone all the muscles in the body. However, even before visiting the pool, we recommend that you consult with a gynecologist.

Tip # 8.

Proper nutrition, with enough vitamins and minerals will also help to shape the stomach. Avoid too high-calorie dishes, drink more fluids, walk more often - all this will help you to find a beautiful figure and strengthen your health in general!

In conclusion, we present to your attention a gentle exercise complex for the press after cesarean section:

All exercises are performed under your favorite music, lying on your back, your knees are bent, your feet are pressed to the floor.

Exercise 1. Slightly raise the knees, arms cross on the stomach. On the exhalation, we raise the head and shoulders, while pressing the palms on the side walls of the abdomen, bringing them together. We stay in this position for a few seconds, and, taking a deep breath, completely relaxes the body.

Exercise 2. Deep breathing, inflate the stomach. On exhalation, the stomach is drawn in, and the back is pressed to the floor plane.

Exercise 3. The palms on your stomach, take a deep breath, and on exhalation slowly raise your head. We lower the breath.

Exercise 4. Slowly pull one knee to the chest with your hands, as far as possible. We stay a few seconds in this position and return the leg to its previous position. We change the position of the legs.

Exercise 5. Lift the leg, bent at the knee, up towards the breast. Pull it over your head, and keep your other leg in a bent position. Next, change the position of the legs.

Exercise 6. First take a deep breath. Then, slowly exhaling, we draw in the abdominal muscles and hold the muscles in a tightened state for a few seconds. In this case, the back must be straight.

Good luck and great results!

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