Primary infertility

Primary infertility - causes and methods of treatment

The main causes of the disease

There are many reasons for the emergence of primary infertility. All problems associated with the onset of the disease should be considered. The main problems are: violation of the menstrual cycle, pathology of the genital organs, hormonal disorders, trauma, cervical erosion, cysts, etc. All these factors and many other factors affect the inability to become pregnant.

To eliminate violations of the menstrual cycle, attention should be paid to the general condition of the body. Chronic diseases, stress, improperly composed diet or severe conditions of life significantly affect the menstrual cycle, but with the condition of an improvement in the state of health, the monthly ones are restored.

Due to chronic diseases or inflammatory processes in the genitals, fallopian tubes, ovaries, as well as surgical interventions, spikes, scar changes in the tissues, which adversely affect the patency of the fallopian tubes. During the examination, doctors determine the degree of this pathology and prescribe methods of treatment.

Hormonal disorders also significantly affect the onset of pregnancy. Long-term use of contraceptives, which include a large number of hormones, leads to the inability to become pregnant for a long period.

We should pay attention to another important cause of primary infertility: it is polycystic ovary. Owing to this pathology, ovulation is disturbed. With polycystic disease, there is a hormonal failure, a delay in menstruation.

Primary infertility treatment methods

Surgical methods, conservative therapy, medications are used to treat primary infertility. When hormonal disorders apply drugs that eliminate hormonal imbalance, bringing the level of hormones back to normal.

Modern surgery allows you to carry out endoscopic operations, after which the body quickly restores. Surgical intervention is the most effective method of treating this pathology.

Infectious diseases of the genital organs are treated with medications, with the course of treatment being both partners. The drug is prescribed by the doctor depending on the causative agent of the infection.

Treatment of inflammatory processes includes several auxiliary techniques. This physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, etc.

In the case when treatment with all sorts of techniques is ineffective, doctors recommend alternative modern methods of artificial insemination.

The reproductive health of a woman depends on preventive measures. From the very beginning of the reproductive life period, women should remember the basic rules, the implementation of which prevents the onset of primary infertility. Particular attention requires the observance of sexual culture, basic rules of personal hygiene - this will minimize the risk of inflammation in the genitals, Do not allow an unwanted pregnancy, thereby preventing abortion, and also beware of hypothermia.

Treatment of primary infertility requires patience and thorough medical examination. It is very important to find out the cause of the disease as soon as possible and to conduct effective therapy, the result of which is a long-awaited and desired pregnancy.

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