Problems with memory after birth

Problems with memory after birth

Why are there problems with memory after childbirth?

Many women notice, that they can not keep even the simplest thoughts in their heads. Such a situation, indisputably, seems ridiculous, but only from the outside. Therefore, it is important to understand what exactly is the cause of postnatal forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. First of all, it is necessary to mention the functioning of the hormonal system. After the appearance of the baby, the activity of the brain areas responsible for short-term memory is significantly reduced. There is no need to worry that important dates or events will suddenly fly out of your head, but a list of purchases or everyday affairs made up in your mind can be very affected.

Attached to this problem hand and nature. So it is laid down that after giving birth all the attention of a woman should be directed solely at the baby, his behavior, development and well-being. This happens on an instinctive level, and it is impossible to avoid memory deterioration a priori. The brain ceases to perceive it so colorfully around what is happening around, since its main task is to rear the offspring. The so-called multitasking disappears, so it becomes much easier to concentrate on one action, while other things are immediately forgotten.

As you know, in the last weeks of pregnancy, the brain volume decreases slightly. It is the department that is responsible for fast memory that is subject to change most. It is unlikely that at least one mom will want to believe that she literally becomes a bit stupider before her eyes, but this is a fact. True, nothing terrible in this, as gradually absent-mindedness disappears - and everything will be as before.

Another reason for such changes is a cardinal change in the life rhythm of a woman. If before the time for rest more than enough, now it is necessary to spin around the baby all day long, bathe, feed and soothe. Any mummy, even through the strongest sleep, will hear the crying of her baby and immediately rush to his bed.

Especially difficult for those of the weaker sex who do not receive any help and emotional support from close people. Women simply do not have time to rest, and this negatively affects the nervous system and the state of the body as a whole. Thus, the accumulated fatigue takes its toll - and the activity of the brain cells decreases.

How to improve memory after childbirth?

Naturally, the question arises, how can you remedy the situation and get rid of excessive forgetfulness? If you eliminate physical fatigue is really difficult, then you can deal with the emotional on your own. It is necessary to step aside from any experiences that are not related to family comfort and well-being. You need to receive as many positive emotions as possible, and a newborn baby can give them, because women in the postpartum period are especially sensitive to any disorders, quarrels and troubles.

Now we should mention about sleep. Of course, the newly mummy has too much trouble, and she can not afford to fully sleep. But you can not take full responsibility for yourself. You can ask for help from a spouse or older relatives who can at least twice a week help with the baby. While he will be with someone from adults, you need to lie down and have a good rest. Sleep not only restores strength, but speeds up the process of renewal of brain cells, so memory will gradually improve.

Many moms periodically even forget to eat, and the diet during lactation should be maximally saturated with vitaminized foods. It is especially important that the diet contains food that helps improve the brain. Therefore, in the daily menu must be present walnuts, cocoa, blueberries, fish, broccoli, tomatoes, black currant, pumpkin seeds, apples and spinach. It is also very important to use a sufficient amount of fluid and often walk with the baby in the fresh air.

To disperse rather than disappear, you need to train the brain. At a free moment, you can solve crosswords, read interesting books, learn poetry by heart. In the meantime, the situation does not normalize, it is desirable to get a notebook in which you can record all the planned actions. You can also glue stickers with reminders in a prominent place or set alerts on your mobile phone.

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