Progesterone in pregnancy

Progesterone in pregnancy - the norm, low and high level

So, thank God, science has long researched all the characteristics of female behavior during pregnancy and we can turn to clever books to understand, which is the cause of this or that condition during pregnancy. So, experts say that irritability during pregnancy is most often manifested only in the presence of close and dear people. Blame the instinctive desire of the future mother to prepare the father for the upcoming changes: night cries of the baby, difficulties after childbirth, etc. Thus, the woman seems to work out the future patience and readiness for the future father. In addition, the cause of irritability during pregnancy is that all changes occur only with a woman. After all, judge for yourself: it is arranged by nature that during the conception of the child a couple participates, but carries, suffers from toxicosis, back pain and other troubles only mother. Therefore, very many women, in the period of irritability, can blame their husbands for ill health, etc. Most often, the period of irritability begins in the first trimester of pregnancy and gradually passes in the second trimester.

However, this does not mean that now all your loved ones, and even the pregnant woman during this time, will suffer from bouts of irritability and break down on their loved ones. There are several ways in which you can suppress your irritability and learn to calm yourself.

First, pay special attention to the fact that the cause of irritability of the future mother may be even sensitivity to odors. The future mother, without realizing it herself, can become irritable already because she has caught some unpleasant smell. Therefore, as often as possible to ventilate the apartment, do not smoke or cook dishes, the smell of which does not like the future mother.

Secondly, an excellent way to discharge, according to psychologists, is drawing. Even if you have never painted before, we assure you that this process will bring you a lot of positive emotions. It is proved that during irritation, when drawing, we splash out all the negative on the easel, and having calmed down, draw a gloomy picture with bright colors. Observe, does this happen to you?

Third, another great way to suppress irritation is any physical activity. Therefore, very often midwifery doctors recommend already from the first days of life to practice yoga for pregnancy, gymnastics or dancing. Surely in your city there are special classes for pregnant women, where they specially selected a set of exercises for expectant mothers, so that they felt the harmony and the greatest pleasure from their visits.

Fourthly, try to adjust yourself to a good mood: listen to your favorite music, enjoy the natural scenery, walk in the park, communicate with nice people. Well, if you did not hold back and upset someone from your family, do not forget to apologize. It will be pleasant for your relatives and will allow you to calm down.

Pleasant pregnancy and light birth!

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