Protein diet during pregnancy

Protein diet for pregnant women - menu, prohibited and allowed products

During pregnancy every added kilogram can play a cruel joke and lead to serious consequences. This is fraught with the development of late toxicosis, significant puffiness of the entire body in later periods, hypoxia. In addition, the woman herself will experience severe discomfort during walking and doing household tasks. Also, because of excess weight, births do not always go smoothly.

What is the essence of the protein diet?

This is a fairly gentle diet, which helps pregnant women to control their weight without harming their health. After all, the number of kilograms added for nine months should not exceed fifteen.

In fact, carbohydrates are completely excluded from the menu, but at the same time they remain slow, which will not allow them to grow fat, if the consumption norm is observed per day. They need to be included in breakfast and lunch, in the afternoon it is better to give preference to other products. And the volume of protein foods, in turn, increases to 110-125 grams at a later date. In the first trimester, 65-85 grams is sufficient.

  • In order to better understand how to make an optimal menu, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with a number of general rules:

    • Saturation of the diet with dairy products, eggs. But there is one nuance: to drink milk to women in the position should be in a limited number (not more than half a liter per day).
    • All seafood is high in protein. Even if you do not have a special love for fish, it can be cooked incredibly delicious.
    • Drink enough water. Pregnant women should treat this item with caution, so as not to provoke a strong swelling of the body. Normal consumption is 1-1.5 liters of fluid per day.
    • You need to eat small portions. It is better, if in addition to basic meals will be 2-3 snacks.
    • It is necessary to count calories in such a way that no more than 1900 kcal per day is obtained.
    • The more fruits and vegetables will be eaten - the better.

    Prohibited foods during a protein diet

    In addition to food, food can be harmful. If you decide to adhere to some restrictions, then you must know what is not in any way possible. For a long time will have to give up:

    • Semi-finished and fast food.
    • Bakery products.
    • A variety of desserts (cakes, pastries, sweets, cookies, etc.). They can be replaced with sweet berries and fruits.
    • Fatty mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.
    • Too spicy dishes and rich spices.
    • Mushrooms in any form.
    • Canned fish, salads, vegetables.
    • It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol even in small doses, coffee (if you really want, you can buy without caffeine), black tea.
    • You can not eat bananas and sweet grapes from fruits, since they have too much sugar in the composition.
    • It is better to abandon fried in vegetable oil food, too greasy dishes.

    What foods can I eat?

    After you understand the prohibitions and rid the fridge of harmful food, I want to know what it is possible to cook at all? From the recommended for the protein diet products can be identified:

    • Low-fat fish. It can be stewed, boiled, baked.
    • Meat of livestock and poultry.
    • Allowed the use of a variety of seafood in reasonable quantities.
    • Milk and all products cooked with his participation.
    • Cereals.
    • Vegetables and fruits are recommended to be consumed fresh.
    • Nuts.
    • Compotes, freshly squeezed juices, green tea.

    At first glance, this diet seems rather scanty and monotonous, but in fact from the above products can be prepared not just useful, but also delicious dishes. It is possible that at the time of weakness you will want to eat something that is harmful and high-calorie, but it is better to hold back as much as possible.

    Example of a balanced menu

    Of course, if the diet is made individually, taking into account possible contraindications and allergies, but you can get acquainted with what an ideal menu should look like:

    • Breakfasts should be high-calorie and provide the body with energy for the whole day. It is from the first meal that the well-being and mood of the pregnant woman depends. This can be buckwheat porridge, omelette with cheese and baked apples.
    • During a snack, it is recommended to eat cottage cheese, yogurts or fruit salads.
    • At lunchtime, the first dish, meat and garnish (porridge, potatoes, stewed vegetables) must necessarily be included.
    • If after a few hours the stomach requires additional food, it is permissible to drink milk or eat a small handful of shrimp.
    • For dinner, boiled chicken with vegetables, a glass of fresh juice.

    This menu contains all the necessary elements for the normal functioning of the body and the proper development of the fetus. Moreover, the figure will remain in good condition.

    Contraindications to the transition to a protein diet

    Unfortunately, not all future mothers are allowed to use a variety of diets. There are a number of limitations for protein:

    • If a woman has health problems, namely, intestinal and stomach diseases.
    • Dysfunction in the heart: too much protein intake can adversely affect his condition.
    • When the body lacks carbohydrates (this happens with an improper diet), there may be problems with the liver and kidneys.
    • It is contraindicated to go on a diet if the weight gain is much lower than the norm.

    It is imperative to consult a doctor in order not to create unacceptable conditions for the development of the child and not to harm yourself.

    In general, a protein diet is an excellent way to maintain weight and not gain extra pounds during pregnancy. In addition, the menu includes many products, which allows you to prepare a variety of bright dishes.

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