Proven signs of pregnancy girl

Proven signs of pregnancy girl

How does a woman's appearance change during pregnancy by a girl?

Many women dream to endure and give birth to a little princess, who will be protected from all sorts of troubles, educate and teach to avoid mistakes. Therefore, early in life, future moms are trying to determine the sex of the baby, but, as you know, the gynecologist will be able to give an answer only after twenty weeks. It is at this time that the genitals of crumbs become more distinct.

There are a number of signs that help to recognize a pregnancy girl and without ultrasound. First of all, a woman should pay attention to her own well-being. If a little princess grows in her tummy, then the first trimester will cause many inconveniences. The future mamma is pursued by the strongest toxicosis, general weakness and headaches. Any, even the most pleasant, smell can cause nausea.

Another factor that indicates the pregnancy of a girl is a significant change in the skin condition. And, unfortunately, the appearance of the future mother is rapidly deteriorating. On the surface of the body and face there is an unpleasant acne or noticeable reddish pimples, which in no way add attraction. Sometimes there may be pigment spots of various sizes and shapes. That's why it is usually believed that girls take away their mummies from beauty.

Pay attention to the condition of the hair. The woman's hair becomes less lush and voluminous, crumbles heavily. During pregnancy, young women notice that the curls become more brittle and dull, constantly confused. Also very often the growth of hairs throughout the body slows down, so the future mother does not have to remove excess vegetation too often.

It is interesting, but the condition of the mammary glands can help to determine the sex of the future baby. If the woman expects the girl, the left breast will be much more right, and areoles will acquire a darkish shade. Also, young ladies swell lower limbs, or rather feet and shins. But this characteristic should be treated with caution, as it can signal the development of a variety of health problems.

And, of course, help to know the sex of the baby can tummy pregnant. If a girl develops in it, it literally merges with the whole body and does not stick too much forward. But you can trust this attribute only from the twenty-fourth week of an interesting situation. The tummy will become more rounded, but with indistinct vague outlines.

How else to recognize a pregnancy as a girl?

After conception, not only the appearance of the future mummy changes, so you should pay attention to some features of everyday life. From the usual diet there is no trace. Even those women who for years refused to sweet, and are drawn to the counter with all sorts of sweets and desserts. It is believed that when the daughter grows in the tummy, Mummies often refuse from products of animal origin and prefer vegetable dishes.

Some changes also give in to the mood of women. They become much more capricious and vigorous. Actions of the fair sex can not always be called logical and thoughtful. Moreover, if she is pregnant with a girl, she will become a bit scattered and forgetful. In addition, a woman, in fact, until the very birth will refuse sexual life and show passivity in a romantic relationship.

The view of the future mother changes to the usual things. Favorite wardrobe items start to disgust and seem ridiculous. And when you look at a bottle of your favorite perfume or lotions for your body, you can even cling to your throat. Such strangeness is most often observed in women, who are expecting the birth of a baby.

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