Radish with honey during pregnancy

Radish with honey during pregnancy

Especially popular among the people is a black radish with honey - in this combination it is capable of curing many diseases. Radish and honey mutually reinforce each other's useful properties and are widely used in folk medicine. Radish with honey is used for diseases of the liver and kidneys (including edema), cholelithiasis and urolithiasis and externally - with bruises, bruises, skin ulcers, scars, for strengthening the hair, with rheumatism and radiculitis. But most often black radish juice with honey is drunk on coughing - this folk remedy cures a very different cough. In addition to expectorant and soothing, radish with honey has a general strengthening, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, bactericidal and anti-aging properties.

Radish with honey helps adults and children, but not everyone can afford to eat radish and medicines from it. Bitter root is contraindicated in diseases of the heart, thyroid and pancreas, gastritis, stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, enterocolitis. In addition, it is highly undesirable (and in some sources you will find a direct prohibition) to use radish (as well as medicines from it) during pregnancy.

Why is a radish with honey contraindicated in pregnancy? Let's first understand the honey. As you know, beekeeping products are allergens and require extreme caution in relation to themselves, especially during pregnancy. However, if you normally carry honey, then there is no point in abandoning it completely. Nevertheless, a natural product is always better than chemical medicines. But there is a difference in what to use honey during pregnancy. Doctors do not recommend taking it with black radish juice.

There are several reasons why a black radish is contraindicated in pregnancy. This is mainly contained in her essential oils. But doctors also say that the radish is able to bring the uterus into tone, which can be a threat to gestation. Therefore, it is better to refuse this medication at pregnancy.

However, many future mothers, not knowing about such prohibitions, take radish with honey during pregnancy without any negative consequences. Firstly, in order to form a healing juice, honey in the radish should stand for several hours, during which the essential oils dissipate somewhat. Secondly, it's still a medicine, not a compote, so it needs to be eaten - obviously, such a quantity of radish juice with honey does not harm the mother and the baby. Thirdly, much depends on the condition of the pregnant woman: if the woman's uterus is calm, does not abide in tone and there are no threats for gestation, many will find radish with honey the best medicine in the situation, especially since it is recommended even to children.

Whatever the case, doctors do not advise, but many future mothers still take radish with honey during pregnancy. The recipe is very simple: in the root crop it is necessary to cut the hole and half fill it with honey, leaving it in a warm place for 4-6 hours to form the juice, which then needs to be drained. Keep radish with honey better in the dark, on time changing it fresh. To take juice of a radish with honey from tussis follows on 1 table spoon 3-4 times a day. But it is better to consult a doctor once again.

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