Raisins during pregnancy

Raisin in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

Benefits and harm of raisins during pregnancy

Certainly not everyone knows that raisins are of four kinds. Each of them is useful to one degree or another. On sale today you can find all kinds of raisins:

  1. Blue. This species does not have bones at all.
  2. Light green or white. This type of raisin is also seedless, but smaller in size.
  3. Green. It is similar to olives. Has in the middle of one large bone.
  4. Large green and blue raisins. It is very sweet and inside each raisin there are bones. Of all varieties of raisins, its darkest species are the most valuable.

What is the use of this dried fruit for a future mother? Useful properties are due to the composition of the raisins. It contains vitamins A and C, E and B1, B2 and B5. They are extremely important for the health of a pregnant woman and the formation of a healthy baby in her womb. Nicotinic acid, folic acid and biotin lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, perfectly affect the circulatory system of both the baby and the mother. Calcium and boron, potassium and magnesium, iron and chlorine help the pregnant body maintain normal heart function and form the fetal bone system.

Note that raisins are a high-calorie product. A hundred grams of berries contains from 260 kilocalories. Having eaten a handful of raisins, a woman can fully satisfy the body's need for calories, that is, saturate it with the necessary amount of vitamins and trace elements at one meal. Raisins can replace 1-2 dishes in terms of calories. Proceeding from this, women who gained excess weight, Do not use raisins as a dessert to the main course. After all, they only supersaturate the body with nutrients and carbohydrates, which have the property of transforming into fats.

An important property of raisins for pregnant women is its iron saturation. It helps to avoid a woman's anemia, and hence oxygen starvation of the fetus. Often pregnant women suffer from iron deficiency, low hemoglobin in the blood, so the problem can be eliminated with the help of raisins.

This dried fruit will be useful to a woman and then, after giving birth, as it increases lactation. At the same time, the nutrition and fat content of mother's milk will increase.

High-calorie dry fruit is forbidden to those pregnant women who suffer from diabetes and tuberculosis, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Contraindicated this dried fruit and those who suffer from enterocolitis.

How to choose raisins?

If you choose raisins in the store, and do not prepare it yourself, then first of all pay attention to the color of the product. Note that the berries that will be the result of drying white bunches of grapes must have a light brown tint. If the raisins on the store shelf have a uniform yellow color, then this is an indisputable proof that it was processed with chemical preparations. It is better not to buy such raisins of pregnant women, because her body is vulnerable to such tests. If a healthy person can not be threatened in any way, then in a future mother such a raisin can cause indigestion. When there is simply no choice, and you are forced to buy exactly yellow raisins, then you need to rinse it well before use.

The appearance of the raisins you choose should be wrinkled. Wet raisins are best avoided. Such his "face" indicates that during the harvesting the technology of its processing was violated. It is unlikely that wet raisins will benefit the body of a pregnant woman.

Possible application of raisins during pregnancy

It is important for future mothers to limit the use of pharmaceutical medicines to the maximum. But since they are not insured against colds, coughs and bronchitis (rather, on the contrary, their immunity is lowered), raisins will come to the rescue. It can be used like this:

  1. Take 30-40 grams of washed raisins and soak them in cold water for an hour. Then drain the water, and use the product before going to bed, drinking with hot milk.
  2. Pour 100 grams of raisins with boiling water. Insist 10-15 minutes. Then drain the liquid and add a tablespoon of fresh onion juice. This drink should be consumed throughout the day.

Decoction of raisins - this is a good laxative. Since pregnant women often suffer from constipation, you can try to get rid of the problem with this product. You need to take a handful of raisins, pour a glass of water and boil for 2-3 minutes. Decoction drink in a warm form.

A mixture of raisins, dried apricots and nuts will be a good supplement to a future mother who is engaged in mental activity. It is necessary to take the same proportions of the above products, grind them in a blender or a meat grinder and place in a glass container. You can add honey to it. Such vitamin cocktail will facilitate mental loads, will serve as an anemia prevention and will saturate the body with substances useful for the child and mother. Take such a deliciously better in the morning on a tablespoon.

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