Rashes during pregnancy

Rash on the abdomen during pregnancy - the main reasons and helpful tips for their elimination

The appearance of various kinds of rashes on the skin during pregnancy, doctors explain the change in the hormonal background. In the usual state, two hormones are secreted in the body of the woman: estrogen and progesterone. During pregnancy, the content of progesterone, responsible for maintaining pregnancy, increases. But the content of estrogen, on the contrary, decreases. This factor and affects the change in skin condition. This is explained by the fact that the normal content in the body of estrogen provides the skin with a so-called protective mantle, which protects it from drying out, penetration of bacteria. With a lack of estrogen, the protective mantle weakens, and therefore the skin becomes more sensitive. As a consequence, the skin becomes dry, rashes, itching and inflammation can occur - especially in areas where there are few sebaceous glands.

One of the most common phenomena a woman can face during pregnancy is an acne. It appears, as a rule, on the face, chest or back - and also because of the hormonal imbalance. But there is no reason to worry about acne very much: after the delivery, the skin almost always comes to normal. If the rash manifests itself strongly, special preparations approved for pregnancy, including antibiotics of local action, will come to the rescue.

Also during pregnancy a woman can be disturbed by urticaria and, as a consequence, itching. In this case, on the body - first on the abdomen, and then on the buttocks, thighs, chest and hands, - there appear red swollen spots, a rash. Itching, which occurs with urticaria, can be reduced with the help of topical drugs, antihistamines and steroids.

During bearing, the baby has a chance to face acne on the face. In this case, you will have to resort to standard methods of skin cleansing. But at the same time it is recommended to use soft hygienic means (pay attention to the mark "for sensitive skin"), if there is ulcer rash - lotion or soap that contain antiseptics. It will be useful to create an acidic environment on the surface of the skin, and a lotion for such procedures can be mixed by one's own hand. Its composition includes juice of one lemon, half a glass of water and a half glass of vodka. This mixture is useful to wipe the skin not only of the face, but of the whole body. In order to clear the blocked pores of the pores, soft scrubs based on oatmeal are good. But from abrasive scrubs and exfoliating agents it is better to refuse-the skin of pregnant women is too sensitive for them.

A rash that appears on the abdomen during pregnancy, doctors call "pruritic urticaria papules and plaques of pregnant women." This is the most typical dermatosis in pregnant women. Itching with such a rash is facilitated with the help of cool compresses, antipruritic lotions and antihistamines. If the itching becomes too strong, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate drugs. It must be remembered that the medicines should be prescribed exclusively by the attending physician.

Diet is the fastest way to cope with dermatitis. So, it is necessary to exclude from the diet products containing histamine - a substance that provokes inflammation. Histamine is found, in particular, in coffee, wine, chocolate. In this case, products that contain pectin (for example, green apples) and vegetable fiber will be useful.

All of the above manifestations do not cause any harm to either the mother or the child. They can be managed with the help of special means, and, as a rule, after pregnancy, they pass. It's bad if the rash has occurred as a result of one of the specific diseases, such as rubella, measles, herpes virus, chicken pox. All these diseases can have an unfavorable outcome for the pregnant and fetal development. So, in case of a disease in the first trimester rubella or herpes, a pregnant woman is recommended to interrupt pregnancy. After all, at this time they lead to the development of the fetus of various pathologies: heart defects, deafness, lesions of the central nervous or cardiovascular systems, even mental retardation is possible. Therefore, future mothers need to watch their health more than ever and protect themselves to the maximum.

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