Recovery after cesarean section

Recovery after cesarean section

Impeccably, the first days after cesarean section will be the most difficult and responsible. Difficult to be any movement - turning on his side, coughing, holding on to things. To all this was less painful, listen to the advice of doctors and do everything according to the following scheme.

For example, turning over on your side you need to bend your knees so that your feet rest on the bed. Then, lift your hips and straighten the body from the shoulders to the knees. Then turn the hips to the side and slowly lower them. And only then turn to the side of the upper body. By the way, many women after cesarean section claim that lying on their sides is much easier, because in this way it is almost impossible to damage the seams. In addition, the elbows get rid of unpleasant friction.

Immediately after the operation, a woman is observed by specialists, in particular a nurse and a doctor in charge. You will constantly be measured by body temperature, pulse, frequency of uterine contractions, monitor the intensity of vaginal discharge.

For the first time to rise or stand on your feet you will be allowed not earlier than 12 hours after the operation. Although this decision is made by the attending physician depending on the specific situation after childbirth. It will be difficult to rise for the first time, a nurse or a close friend will help you. In addition, there is a high probability that you will feel weak or even dizzy. This state can accompany you for several days. But you can sit down only two or three days after the cesarean section.

But getting out of bed is necessary. First, turn gently on your side and hang your legs on the edge of the bed. Then slowly move the entire body into a sitting position. After a bit of rest, move your legs. After we put our feet on the floor and stand straight. Do not be afraid that the seams will disperse, they will only stretch a little. If you get used to standing like that, then try to make a small step.

A separate problem for women that gave birth to a cesarean section, an unpleasant cough. To begin with, this is a very natural phenomenon after the operation. Thus, after general anesthesia, mucus emerges from the lungs, which has accumulated. Cough should be done correctly, so that there are no torn seams after the operation. So, be guided by the following rules:

  • slightly tighten the stitches with your hands or a small pillow. Although, you can also tie a towel;
  • Deeply inhale and thus completely fill the lungs with air;
  • then fully exhale, do it abruptly, but do not forget about the accuracy. The abdomen should be drawn in, not inflated;
  • We exhale by making a sound, similar to the "gav".

All these actions need to be done several times within an hour. Actually there will be your "gack" if you feel gurgling or sobbing in the chest area.

Almost every woman who recovered from Caesarean section feels unpleasant colic in the abdomen. These are intestinal gases. The fact is that after the operation, the work of the intestine slows down a little. Everything can be normalized if you breathe properly. Also helps rocking in the chair. Perfectly, exclude from the diet carbonated drinks and products that cause gases.

As for urination, then there are also possible difficulties. To all normalize, you need to drink plenty of fluids.

Rapid recovery after cesarean section is largely due to proper nutrition after surgery. If on the first day you can only drink water with lemon, then on the second you can eat liquid food. And then slowly, but still the body will begin to recover.

Have strength, patience and, most importantly, do not rush. Many women go through this and after they decide on the birth of their second child.

Health to you!

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