Rectal temperature in pregnancy

What is the normal rectal temperature during pregnancy?

Rectal temperature is measured in the rectum. And in the first 20 weeks after the onset of pregnancy, it will be about 37 degrees and slightly higher. This situation is explained by the fact that in the first weeks of pregnancy the processes occurring in the body of a woman, regulate the hormones of the second half of the menstrual cycle.

Women who have been dealing with the basal charting, in particular rectal temperature, know: before the ovulation, approximately to the middle of the menstrual cycle, the rectal temperature is below 37 degrees. After the indicators grow by about half a degree, we can talk about the onset of ovulation. The elevated rectal temperature is maintained throughout the second half of the cycle. If pregnancy took place, the elevated rectal temperature persists - thanks to hormonal regulation.

Despite the fact that modern methods of examinations allow you to do without measurements of rectal temperature during pregnancy, in some cases, doctors prescribe to future mothers such procedures. They will be especially important for women who previously had miscarriages: a decrease in rectal temperature becomes an alarming sign, indicating the existing threat of termination of pregnancy. Therefore, if a decrease in the rectal temperature is observed during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately for advice. The same is true for elevated rectal temperature: if it is increased to 37, 6-37, 8 degrees, this is a serious reason for additional examinations. So, the raised rectal temperature at pregnancy can testify to course of inflammatory processes in an organism. And, nevertheless, women who had no cases of miscarriage, indices of 36, 9 degrees when measuring rectal temperature need not worry too much: each organism is unique, and fluctuations of 1-2 degrees are completely permissible.

In order to get the most accurate readings, the rectal temperature is measured in the morning, immediately after awakening, without getting out of bed. It is advisable in advance to put a thermometer next to it, after knocking down previous indicators. Doctors also do not recommend not only not to get out of bed before measuring rectal temperature, but do not even open your eyes and do not talk - sudden movements, bright rays, and in general, any actions can affect the result. To measure rectal temperature during pregnancy is best at the same time, by the same thermometer. If you had to wake up earlier than usual, for example, in the toilet, rectal temperature is still better to measure before the rise. The rectal temperature is measured to obtain the necessary information about the course of pregnancy until 16-20 weeks - after this period the temperature drops and measurements of it will not be informative.

Reduced rectal temperature during pregnancy becomes a weighty argument for a doctor: reducing it below 37 degrees can indicate a threat of failure, and in addition, the risk of stopping the development of the fetus. All this is the result of changes in the hormonal background, which can be determined by regularly measuring the rectal temperature.

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