Red caviar during pregnancy

Red caviar in pregnancy is good, contraindications and risks of use

The value of red caviar is undoubtedly in its rich composition. It contains many essential for the future mother and baby substances, among which: polyunsaturated fatty omega acids - provide the body with energy and neutralize cholesterol;

  • protein - 30% of the total composition and digested better than protein from meat, is necessary for the structure of the fetal organs;
  • lecithin - lowers cholesterol and promotes maximum absorption of vitamins;
  • Magnesium - is necessary for the prevention of gastrocnemius muscle cramps;
  • folic acid - is involved in the development of the nervous system of the fetus and prevents the development of malformations and pathologies; is vital for the future child and is extremely important for the mother.
  • In addition to the already mentioned components, red caviar contains vitamins A, B, E, D, as well as iodine, iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc. Red caviar neutralizes cholesterol, helps raise hemoglobin levels in the blood, enriches the body with useful substances and improves mood.

    The future mum is forbidden many different goodies, but with red caviar you can calmly indulge yourself. Nevertheless, to abuse it is dangerous: firstly, caviar is considered an allergenic product; secondly, because of the high salt content, it can cause fluid retention in the body, and the risk of edema formation during pregnancy is already high.

    It is better to give up for a while from red caviar during pregnancy, if you are predisposed to swelling or high blood pressure, and also if you have a protein in your urine.

    If you do not have any contraindications to caviar use, be sure to enter it into your diet. After all, it is included in the list of food products that are useful in the period of bearing a child. It is even believed that during pregnancy red caviar is more preferable, than black (because of the members of the last purines). Of course, caviar should be of very high quality. It will be useful to know that red caviar is mined in the middle-to-late summer, and then it should be preserved. If the jar indicates other terms of manufacturing the product, it is better to abstain from buying it. Pay attention to the density of laying eggs in the jar - inside there should be no empty space. Weighted caviar should be crumbly and with whole grains.

    Some doctors believe that red caviar during pregnancy can not bring much benefit, except for protein (which, incidentally, is extremely necessary for the fetus). But, in any case, if the body requires, do not resist and be polokomites. However, carefully. Enjoy your baby's appetite and good health!

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