Red wine during pregnancy

Can I drink red wine during pregnancy?

About the effect of alcohol on the fetus

Pregnant women often have strange taste preferences: at night they really want a sweet, then suddenly they are drawn to a salted fish. Sometimes there is a desire to drink a glass of good wine. But in this case it is worth considering that alcoholic beverages and development in the womb of a woman of a new life are incompatible. Of course, a sip of wine can and does not hurt, if it concerns the second-third trimester of pregnancy. And if a woman drank regularly before the onset of an "interesting situation" without missing holidays and drinking with alcohol, then during pregnancy the desire to drink can be a manifestation of a bad habit, a dependence that in women occurs much faster than that of men.

Future moms should know what is fetal alcohol syndrome. These are deviations in the physical and mental development of the child, whose mother often used alcohol before or during pregnancy. If a woman wears beer, cognac, and other strong drinks from time to time, then there is a risk of developing congenital malformations in the child. These can be abnormalities of the brain, mental retardation, insufficient weight, external deformities. The consequences of drinking drinks during pregnancy can be remote. We are talking about difficulties in communication in the preschool age, sensory development, the perception of educational material, its memorization.

If the pregnant woman abuses alcohol, the child can be lost already in the early stages of pregnancy or give birth to it with mental disabilities. In addition, the birth of such mothers can be difficult.

Pregnancy and red wine

This alcoholic drink has a lot of potassium, there is magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron and zinc. That is why red dry wine is considered one of the most healthy drinks with moderate use. It's about a single dose of up to 150 grams. It perfectly stimulates the appetite, the work of the digestive system, and also promotes hemopoiesis.

If we talk about whether it is possible to drink it to pregnant women, then doctors agree that you can not abuse the drink. Some gynecologists categorically oppose the use of any beverages during the period of gestation. Others are less categorical and believe that in the second and third trimester a woman can drink up to 100 grams of red wine 1 or 2 times a month. In doing so, it must be of good quality and must be dry. As for the first trimester of the term, during this period all the systems and organs of the future baby are formed. Therefore, do not take risks and admit the negative impact of any alcohol on the fetus.

By the way, today many people prefer to use non-alcoholic wine. But the debate over whether it really is a good alternative to alcohol is not abating. In such a drink, the alcohol content is only 0, 5%. But future mothers should use it carefully, because there may contain harmful substances that can adversely affect the fetus. Also in this fault there may be traces of mold that are capable of causing allergies. And the drink has a short shelf life, so you have to follow it to avoid getting food poisoning.

Even non-alcoholic wine, Despite the meager percentage of alcohol, one should also eat in moderation.

If before a pregnant woman is the choice of an alcoholic beverage, it is better to prefer a dry red wine of good quality, and ideally - generally refuse from alcohol. Juices, herbal teas, mineral water without gas, compotes, fruit drinks, kefir, milk - that's what a woman needs to drink in a position. And then the baby will be born healthy and strong.

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