Registration for pregnancy

Registration for pregnancy - when and where to become

When? How? And to whom? This is almost the first thoughts after the future mother found out that she will have a baby. There are many advisers, and she is alone, so that it is best to solve this issue by yourself, relying on your own intuition and opinion.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but not only a state of mind: it is also a condition of the body. And all over the world, women in an interesting situation are registered in medical institutions. This is done so that the pregnant woman is under the constant control of doctors, to identify threats to her mother and baby.

Of course, the first visit to a gynecologist a woman should make immediately, as soon as she suspects pregnancy - the doctor will check how the beginning of the first trimester is running, will be able to check whether everything in the body of a woman is normal. In any case, go to the doctor should be no later than the 10th week of pregnancy - most likely he will prescribe the necessary vitamins, advise to undergo ultrasound, give tests.

On average, women register for pregnancy from 9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is then recommended to conduct the first ultrasound. Ultrasound will give an opportunity to determine if the fetus has genetic anomalies, what is the "age" of the embryo, how pregnancy will proceed. Although it often happens that a woman does ultrasound well before registering to exclude a personan atypical pregnancy.

Nevertheless, doctors recommend to be registered on the 9th week, because earlier spontaneous miscarriage is still possible and the fetus may not be viable.

But the fallacy of the opinion that, the later you come to register, the better. Indeed, if a woman independently and can calculate the expected date of birth, then to understand the analysis and calculate the results of the genetic test is capable only of the doctor.

When a woman gets registered, the doctor performs the function of curator and assistant rather than the attending physician. He explains, controls, advises. The doctor gives directions for ultrasound, for analysis, for additional clinical studies.

In the first trimester and at the beginning of the second trimester, the doctor is visited once a month. In the second trimester, you need to go to it every 2 weeks, and in the third - once a week. Those who did not give birth by the 40th week, to the gynecologist come 2-3 times a week.

Where to register for pregnancy, decide the most pregnant. This can be done in any kind of women's consultation, in the district clinic, in the hospital with friends, in the center at the hospital. The ideal option is to register in that center and with the doctor you have seen in recent years. First, you already know and the doctor, and all the medical data about your state of health are preserved. Focus also on the location of the clinic - you will agree, it will not be very convenient, pushing in the minibus, to go through the whole city with the tummy.

To register for pregnancy, it is enough to show a passport, and in some countries also a policy of compulsory medical insurance.

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