Reliability of pregnancy tests

Reliability of pregnancy tests

I want to trust and test the pregnancy tests, until one day they lead you on a false trail. To find out that you are still pregnant, when the doubt is completely dispelled by testing, or vice versa, to be disappointed with the onset of early monthly, you will agree, the surprise is not a pleasant one.

Why do some tests give an accurate result in the first days of pregnancy, and others do not work? The reasons can be different. For example, a test was conducted incorrectly or too early, deteriorated due to the expiry date or improper storage.

Will not find a pregnancy test and if a woman takes diuretics, has a kidney or cardiovascular disease that affects the secretion of the hormone in the urine. Will not determine testing and ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, if you have a premonition of an early maternity, consult a doctor for a more serious examination. Do not wait for menstruation, give blood or urine tests. They are more reliable and able to determine pregnancy in a week after fertilization.

Remember that hormonal changes in the body make themselves felt no earlier than two weeks after conception. And the effect of home pregnancy tests is based precisely on the definition of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin. It begins to develop in the female body after fertilization. Sometimes, but it is extremely rare, the chorionic gonadotropin is produced by a tumor. Then the woman will also get a positive test result. It can cloud the situation and the intake of hormonal drugs containing hCG. But other drugs do not distort results. The presence of alcohol or drugs in the body also affects the reliability.

To date, with the mass production of pregnancy tests, some of them may be of poor quality. Until recently, doctors with confidence recommended such testing. But now they prefer medical examination of a woman with the help of ultrasound.

To protect yourself from false scores, you can use several tests from different manufacturers at once. Plus, pay attention to the messages of your body. The indicators of pregnancy include, first of all, a delay in menstruation, a small breast enlargement and her ache a little, and an increase in rectal temperature of more than 37 degrees (to be measured in the anus in the morning, staying in bed), an increase in urination. Also a signal will be morning sickness and vomiting, irritability, a tendency to fatigue, a change in appetite, desire to taste salty or sour.

But even these signs can not give a 100% guarantee of pregnancy. Since most of them are present and before the onset of menstruation or appear with a psychological mood for pregnancy.

Also, the delay in menstruation can be caused by stress, moving, disease, medication, travel, dieting with sudden weight changes, physical stress.

Still, if you do not want to give up the pregnancy test at home, since it's relatively cheap, fast, convenient and, importantly, anonymously, you need to do it right.

First, wait for the delay, do not rush. When choosing a test in a pharmacy, pay attention to the release date. Do not be confused by the diversity of brands, since the principle of operation of all tests is the same. To intensify the result, do not drink a lot of liquid the night before and do not take diuretics.

Read the instructions carefully. If you still have questions, ask for advice from a consultant on a toll-free phone number, which is often indicated on the package.

Take only morning urine for testing. In it, lower the strip to the level and for the time indicated on the package. If you carefully follow all instructions and instructions to the test, then the accuracy of testing is guaranteed by 97% -99%.

Whatever the result of the test, remember that a child is a great gift, and pregnancy is the greatest miracle on earth!

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