Remedies for heartburn during pregnancy

Which remedy is safer from heartburn during pregnancy

However, heartburn is not a disease, but a symptom. But before that it's hard for future mothers to carry on, that searches for an effective remedy for heartburn during pregnancy do not stop, despite the fact that they have already found a lot of them. The only good news is that neither the baby, nor pregnancy, nor mother heartburn is not threatened with any serious consequences. However, grieving that it is impossible to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy - it will only have to endure. But to relieve and reduce the manifestations of heartburn is quite realistic. You just need to find an effective tool, because not all help the same thing.

Medications for heartburn during pregnancy

Let's start with medications that can eliminate heartburn during pregnancy. In general, there are many such, but in the period of bearing the child, not all of them are allowed to use.

The main pharmaceutical assistants in this business are non-absorbing antacids, that is, those that neutralize the effect of acid and are not absorbed into the bloodstream. Renny proved to be very successful. He is loved by both patients and doctors, but the latter caution: do not get involved. The high content of calcium in the preparation may adversely affect delivery, causing premature ossification of the skull of the baby.

In principle, all antacids contain calcium, magnesium and aluminum. Therefore, their help can be resorted only in rare cases and only after a preliminary consultation with a doctor. Magnesium can be dangerous in the last trimester, provoking premature birth, aluminum is able to replace calcium in the body. From products containing sodium bicarbonate, should also be discarded. Do not take and drugs, containing bismuth nitrate (eg, Vikalin).

Smecta, Maalox, Fosfalugel, Almagel, Talcid and others can be prescribed in the fight against heartburn during pregnancy. Please note that you can not combine them with taking other medications. There are more "serious" drugs that doctors prescribe in severe cases and with persistent manifestations of heartburn, when nothing else helps.

If you are a fan of homeopathy, then contact a professional homeopathic doctor to find the most suitable remedy for heartburn for you. This may be Pulsatilla (if the last eaten food is regurgitated, it rumbles in the stomach, and it seems as if it is empty, the deterioration comes after eating fatty foods, and you have a very changeable mood), Nuks vomica (with a bitter sour eructation, swelling, metallic taste in the mouth, deterioration occurs if you wear tight clothes), Sodium chloride (sweetish watery belch, restraint in emotions, spasms, deterioration comes after eating starchy foods), Causticum (with a fat regurgitation, gravity in the stomach, deterioration occurs in conditions of high humidity and cold).

But still, no matter how much it burns, first it is necessary to try to extinguish this internal fire with folk remedies.

Folk remedies for heartburn during pregnancy

Here you can try everything that is not forbidden, because each organism reacts differently to the same means, and often the mothers experimentally find the most unexpected solutions for this problem.

So, the people advise to seize and wash down the heartburn with the following foods and drinks: sunflower seeds, a crust of hard bread, chocolate, milk, Borjomi, pure chilled water, clean warm water. It is useful to take wrapping food and drinks. These can be cereals, kissels, herbal infusions (chamomile, alder, St. John's wort). But with herbal medicine, be extremely cautious: many herbs during pregnancy are contraindicated for internal use.

In principle, anything can help, exactly, like nothing at all. Here it is necessary to try.

But what can not be tried, so it's a popular soda in the people. Soda does not save from heartburn, but only aggravates and intensifies it. In addition, during pregnancy (and not only) taking soda inside can be dangerous.

Instead, review your diet and behavioral habits.

Tips for heartburn during pregnancy

First of all, adjust the menu. Exclude from it all foods, drinks and dishes provoking the release of hydrochloric acid: baked and fresh pastries, sour berries and fruits, coarse fiber, fatty meat and fish, hard-boiled eggs, chocolate, ice cream, coffee, carbonated drinks, as well as all spicy , smoked, fried. Instead, include dishes and drinks that neutralize the action of hydrochloric acid: milk, cottage cheese, cream, sour cream, steam omelet, cream and vegetable oil, lean meat and fish, stale white bread, natural apple bite ( 1-2 teaspoons on a glass of water - drink in small sips).

Be sure to go to a fractional meal: in very small portions 5-7 times a day. Eat slowly, thoroughly chewing food. The last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime. And in general, right after meals, you can not go to bed: for 30-40 minutes you need to stay in a vertical position.

If there are no contraindications to this, then sleep with a slightly raised upper part of the trunk. If heartburn broke out withFor the night and intensifies with every turn, then it's better to get up, eat something small and harmless (like a biscuit biscuit), drink water and walk a little.

In everyday life, one should avoid leaning forward, tight clothing, developing constipation, and taking antispasmodics (but with the testimony the choice is made, of course, in favor of the latter).

In general, girls, fastened. Need to pereuchitsya - nothing can be done about it. But then - what happiness! You in fact the strongest and courageous part of mankind. So, you will succeed! And heartburn will soon recede.

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