Repeated cesarean section

Repeated cesarean section - contraindications and risks of holding

One c -arean is always a cesarean?

For many years the answer to the question was exclusively affirmative. It was believed that after the first cesarean, the same kind of delivery can not be avoided. Moreover, after the second birth the woman was offered to either bandage the tubes, or even remove the uterus in order to avoid repeated pregnancies. All due to the fact that the scar on the uterus with every cesarean brought the woman closer to fatal consequences.

Fortunately, today not only do not offer to remove the uterus (which in itself is monstrous!), but also convince that it is possible to avoid repeated cesarean section, having given birth to a healthy baby through natural birth canals. There are many cases where women of the second and third child gave birth without surgery. In the meantime, the ratio has changed to repeat cesarean sections. With the right approach, experienced gynecologists can "get" from the womb even the fourth baby. It is important only to fulfill certain conditions. Most importantly, there are no abortions between pregnancies, and after the first cesarean section must undergo a minimum of 3 years (this time is necessary for the uterus to fully recover). Today, every woman a doctor should adjust to natural childbirth, regardless of whether the first is childbirth or tenth. Nevertheless, our desires do not always coincide with our capabilities, and sometimes, a repeat cesarean section can not be avoided.

Indications for a repeat cesarean section

Absolute medical indications for cesarean section are those indications by which a woman can not give birth through the natural birth canal neither the first nor the next time. But there are also relative indications for a repeat caesarean section, which may even occur already in the process of natural delivery.

  • Anatomically or clinically narrow pelvis. If doctors have put such a "diagnosis" on you, then Caesarean can not be avoided. However, many European countries with a narrow pelvis give birth without surgery.
  • Deformation of the pelvic bones and divergence of the pubic bones.
  • Oncological diseases of the future mother (tumors of the pelvis or ovaries, for example).
  • Incorrect presentation of the fetus (transverse or even gluteal), or large fruit (over 4 kg).
  • Placenta previa (especially in the scar on the uterus), or premature detachment.
  • Serious diseases of the future mother (nervous or cardiovascular systems, vision problems, diabetes, exacerbation of genital herpes and others).
  • The inconsistency of the scar on the uterus after cesarean section (predominance of connective tissue in the scar area, not muscle).
  • Problems from the child (fetal hypoxia, for example).
  • Weak labor activity.

Possible risks for mother and child

Almost all doctors speak about the possible risks of natural childbirth after cesarean section, but the consequences of repeated cesarean are very few. If they say that, except that the risk of rupture of the uterus, and this information of women is understandably scary, and many do not dare to repeat pregnancies, depriving themselves of the pleasure of being a mother twice.

Before deciding to repeat pregnancy and childbirth after the first cesarean section, it is important to carefully think everything over and prepare for a repeat pregnancy in advance. As already mentioned, the re-cesarean section is safer (for both the mother and the baby) not earlier than 3 years after the first operation. Always first of all consider the possibility of giving birth to a second or even a third baby without surgery, in fact it is quite real and safer than a repeat cesarean section.

Almost everyone is afraid of a possible rupture of the uterus in the area of ??the scar, but with the rupture, you can save both the woman and the child. At the same time, with repeated cesarean section, the risk of uterine bleeding increases, which is often the reason for the removal of the uterus. Repeated cesarean section is fraught with many complications (it can be and injuries of the intestines, or bladder, and anemia with endometritis, and the formation of adhesions and other troubles).

Negative consequences of a second cesarean section lie in wait for the child. Anesthesia of the mother can cause a violation of cerebral circulation in the baby, the Apgar scores will be very low. With a repeat cesarean section, babies are most often born prematurely, the risk of various diseases (up to asthma) increases.

All these "horrors", though on hearing, but not so often. We absolutely do not want to frighten you, nor dissuade you from re-pregnancy. You will make a decision only yourself. No doctor will force you to neither give birth independently, nor lie down again under the knife. However, each gynecologist is obliged to give you full information about all possible risks and complications, such as repeated cesarean section, and delivery through natural birth canals.

Good luck to you!

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