Rice during pregnancy

Rice during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

How does pregnancy and rice combine? What should a woman know about the dangers of rice in the period of bearing a baby? How can it be useful, in addition to food?

Benefits and Harms of Rice in Pregnancy

Rice takes the palm tree in the kitchen of many countries. The most important qualities of the product are high nutritional value and its excellent compatibility with meat and poultry, fish and vegetables, seafood and fruits. And this is important for the nutrition of a pregnant woman.

Caloric content of boiled rice is 116 kilocalories per 100 grams. The product not only replenishes the energy costs of the body, but also serves as a source of useful substances for pregnancy. So, in 100 grams of cereals contains 6, 4 grams of protein, 72, 5 carbohydrates, 0, 9 fat. Rich in rice and minerals. This is potassium, which in the above portion of about 70 mg, calcium - 30 mg, magnesium - 38 mg, phosphorus - 104 mg.

By eating this product, you can not be afraid of excess weight gain, which often affects women in the third trimester. Low caloric content of rice allows you to combine it with meat, fish, vegetables, that is, eat well and without harm to the figure, and hence, for health. No wonder that in Asian countries rice has long become the basis of national cuisine.

B group vitamins in the croup contribute to the transformation of nutrients into energy that the future mother needs for her health. This transformation strengthens the nervous system, improves the condition of nails, skin, hair. Lecithin in rice increases brain activity, which is very important for the nutrition of mothers-students or those engaged in mental activity. This helps and magnesium in the composition of cereals.

Thanks to the oligosaccharides, the bowels work in the rice, which can be useful to pregnant women who have stool disorders. The enveloping properties of rice grains help to fight such disorders. The use of rice helps to cope with gastritis. And the maintenance in it of calcium and phosphorus promotes formation of a bone system of the future kid, interferes with washing out of calcium from a teeth of the woman. Potassium, in large quantities contained in rice, supports the heart and has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, normalizing it. This applies to pregnant women who have jumps in pressure in the third trimester.

By the way, it is not superfluous to know that the amount of vitamins and minerals in rice directly depends on the degree of its processing. The higher it is, the less rice remains useful for feeding the future mother of substances.

Nutritionists are confident that the positive properties of the product refer to brown unpeeled rice, and the damage of cereals as a whole is related only to modern processing technologies. The husk of rice, which is preserved on brown rice, contains 80% of the mineral components and carbohydrates, useful to the human body. And the harm of cereals, which in our supermarkets is presented in a purified form, is saturated with carbohydrates, which can turn into fat and help in gaining excess weight.

Potential application of rice during pregnancy

Future mothers often suffer from colds, and the use of drugs from the pharmacy is categorically contraindicated. Rice in this case can be used as a treatment for angina. The inflammation of the tonsils will perfectly remove the rice cream. To make it, you need to take half a glass of rice, rinse it well, several times changing the water, and cook for about an hour. After that, you need to let it cool down a bit and squeeze the cream through the cheesecloth. It is recommended to use it several times a day. It perfectly envelops the sore throat, facilitates the difficulty of swallowing. And still such agent will be useful at exacerbations of a gastritis at the future mum. In addition, this cream gives strength.

Treatment with rice can also help those women who have pigmentation on their face. To do this, add lemon juice to the cooled rice broth and soak the gauze with slits for the eyes. This compress is held on the face for 15 minutes.

Taking care of youth and healthy skin will help a pregnant woman and such a recipe. Fry 100 grams of rice in olive oil, and then boil it until cooked. Such a rice after percolation can be eaten, and the filtered water is used to smooth wrinkles, moistening a cotton swab and rubbing the cleansed face.

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