Rinoflumucil during pregnancy

Rinoflumucil during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Briefly about Rhinofluuimcile

This medicine is intended for the treatment of inflammation of the nose and its adnexal areas, which are accompanied by purulent discharge. In other words, Rinoflumucil is a complex drug that is used to treat the common cold and its consequences (sinusitis). If you compare this drug with others, for example, Aquamaris, then Rinoflumucil is not so harmless.

In its composition there are two active substances: acetylcysteine ??and thiamine-heptane sulfate. Tuaminogeptane has vasoconstrictive properties, eliminates edema. However, it should be borne in mind that, if misused, this component can also cause negative consequences.

The second component of the drug, acetylcysteine, has a thinning purulent-mucous discharge and anti-inflammatory effect. It has the effect of an antioxidant.

Rinoflumacil in appearance is a clear liquid, which smells of mint. The result of its application is the alleviation of the patient's condition: a decrease in the release of fluid, the elimination of nasal congestion and the cleansing of its cavity.

Contraindications to the use of this drug are sensitivity to its components, angle-closure glaucoma, angina and tachycardia, arterial hypertension and bronchial asthma.

As for pregnancy, then there is a special situation. If, before its onset, Rinofluimacil was your faithful helper for you, it is different in pregnancy. Acceptance of any medication requires intelligibility and caution, so it is better to use folk remedies, which today are a great many. That is why before using any drug from rhinitis, not only Rhinofluucima, it is necessary to consult with a doctor.

Rhinofluimucil during pregnancy: instructions for use

When an interesting situation occurs, Rinoflumacil is not recommended for use. But some doctors prescribe the drug, while observing caution. Do not rely on good reviews about the medicine, because during pregnancy the perception of such drugs is completely different. Of course, the relationship between price and quality, the recommendations of girlfriends, acquaintances and people who constantly use this medicine can interest a woman. But this should not serve as an excuse for its use. After all, the main guideline should be the health of the future child.

Treatment with the above drug pregnant woman should be done only in a hospital with strict medical supervision. Such treatment, future mothers in the hospital, and other drugs containing beta-blockers. The danger of Rhinofluicacil is the ability to significantly increase the tone of the uterus. That's why you should not buy the drug yourself and start treatment without a doctor's supervision. Only the appointment of a doctor should be a guide to its application.

As a rule, adult patients are prescribed a scheme of application of the drug: two injections three to four times a day in each nostril with an interval of five minutes. The scheme can vary depending on the specific situation, the characteristics of the pregnant woman's body, the period of her pregnancy, the state of the future child and other important factors.

So, the use of Rinofluimucil for a pregnant woman is extremely undesirable. Given the aforementioned consequences, it is better to resort to alternative means, including people's - sparing, safe, affordable.

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