Salicylic acid during pregnancy

Salicylic acid during pregnancy

Briefly about the preparation

This remedy in the people is called simply salicylic alcohol. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. The agent suppresses the increased secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin.

The main advantages of salicylic acid are an increase in the regenerative processes in the skin, inhibition of its aging. Depending on the application, the preparation is produced in two categories: "A" and "B". The first is used for the production of medicines, the second is a component of many household chemicals.

Most often, drugs based on salicylic acid are used in dermatology. They are used in cosmetic lines for the care of problem skin. Dermatologists are often advised to use salicylic acid in adolescents during periods of skin problems. It is more effective on the skin of a fatty type. But in this case, manifestations of an individual intolerance of the remedy are possible.

Pregnancy and pregnancy

Experts prohibit the use of salicylic acid during pregnancy. At the same time, dermatologists and cosmetologists accentuate: it can not be used in its pure form or in the composition of medicines. It is also forbidden to use cosmetic products with it in the composition. Taboo is based on the fact that the pharmacological drug is part of the aspirin group - potentially dangerous when carrying a baby.

Physicians are categorically against the external use of salicylic acid, as it deeply penetrates the skin, subcutaneous fat. Immediately enough absorbed into the skin of the mother, she with a current of blood is transferred to the future baby, causing him irreparable harm. That is, in any form of salicylic acid when bearing a child adversely affects his health and full development. Chronic diseases, congenital malformations in children, all sorts of complications during childbirth can be the result of active penetration into the female body of salicylic acid. In this case, damage is caused not only with the course (long-term) treatment of the future mother, but also with the periodic use of the drug. In addition to causing damage to the cardiovascular and urinary system of the child, the drug provokes the development of Ray's syndrome. This is the name of the dangerous state, characteristic for children from 4 to 12 years old and representing hepatic encephalopathy or white hepatic disease. And although in itself Ree's syndrome is infrequent, but its danger is that in many cases it ends lethal. That's why you can not use salicylic acid during pregnancy to solve dermatological problems. Future mums, and ordinary women, should know that symptoms of supersaturation of the body with salicylic acid in bearing a baby can be dry skin, itching, burning, allergies in the form of urticaria.

It is also necessary to take into account that there are many common medical drugs, the basis of which and the component is precisely this substance. Among them - corn oil, Butadion, Fanacetin, methyl ether, Analgin, Viprosal, Antipyrine, sodium salicylate, Belosalik, Betadermic, Teimurova paste.

Future mothers, who during pregnancy suffer from deterioration of the skin, should carefully select the therapeutic cosmetic products. The inscription "hypoallergenic agent" does not mean its safety. It is necessary to carefully study the composition of such tonics, scrubs, washing foams, masks, and if salicylic acid is their component, do not use them. By the way, it can be and in structure of paints for hair, conditioners.

If the pregnant woman is faced with the problem of deterioration of the skin, you should refer to a good specialist or just have patience. After all, after birth, in most cases, everything is normalized.

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