Sanitation before childbirth

Sanitation of the birth canal before delivery - why, when and how

At the end of the term, several weeks before the birth, the same procedure should be repeated anew. Unprotected sexually transmitted infections can, firstly, infect an infant during passage through the birth canal, secondly, cause complications during and after childbirth, and thirdly, it is difficult to treat in the postpartum period, when, due to breastfeeding and isolation of lochi the use of many drugs will be impossible.

Is sanation of the birth canal necessary before delivery?

Many women are wary of the appointments of a gynecologist regarding the sanation of the birth canal. Sanitation before childbirth is the purification of the birth canal from probable pathogenic microorganisms. But is it so necessary, the future mothers wonder?

At one time, the sanation before the birth was mandatory for all women. At the same time, every flora in the vagina was killed - both pathogenic and normal with it. And since a holy place in nature is not empty, then the freed up "mink" was occupied by other bacteria, but only the most persistent among all - that is, those that are stronger. And, of course, they were planted by artificial means. Thus, the woman's immunity fell sharply, and soon the doctors admitted that it was not the best idea to carry out a general sanation before childbirth.

Today, the question is more balanced and prudent. At the 33-34 week, the expectant mother is sent for prenatal diagnosis for the detection of sexual infections. If any are found, they will be treated with suitable drugs for this.

How is sanation of the birth canal done before delivery?

Usually, a pregnant woman before birth is attributed vaginal suppositories for the treatment of an existing infection. Most often the future mothers are molested by thrush. And, if it worsens throughout the entire period of bearing the baby, then some doctors prefer only to fight with the symptoms (make compresses from kefir, wash with soda and so on, to relieve itching and irritation). Treatment in such cases is ineffective: after a short time thrush thrives again. Therefore, it is necessary to treat candidiasis before the birth itself, so as to be sure, as they say.

A variety of vaginal suppositories and tablets can be prescribed for the treatment of thrush before delivery. Every doctor prefers some drug. Among them, Nystatin, Fluomizin, Clion D, Terzhinan, Geksikon, borax with glycerin and others.

Please note that you may be prescribed drugs to prepare the cervix for childbirth (No-shpa, candles Krasavki rectally and others). To the sanation of the birth canal, they have nothing to do.

In general, girls, if your gynecologist prescribes to you the sanation of the birth canal without first diagnosing and identifying a specific infection - so just in case - do not agree. This can be unsafe. But if the infection is found, then it is necessary to cure it before the onset of childbirth! Take this seriously. However, it is necessary to control the microflora of the vagina. And do not be afraid of anything: you do not need to worry about anything even now, at the end of pregnancy. Set yourself up for a happy birth and get ready for a meeting with a crumb!

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