Sauerkraut in pregnancy

Is it possible to eat sour cabbage pregnant?

To this day in many families sauerkraut has remained in high esteem. Even if you are not used to eating it regularly, then no-no-and want something sour and salty. What can we say about pregnant women, when such a state is generally the norm for them.

It happens, future moms tell, that it is direct to come off from a cabbage for all pregnancy can not. Others only occasionally "breaks" into sour-salted. But both, one and the other are interested: is it possible to eat sauerkraut for pregnant women?

In the manuals on nutrition during pregnancy, you will find the mention of sauerkraut as a good side dish for meat and fish, as it contributes to a better assimilation of protein foods.

If you have a problem with the excess weight for the whole pregnancy, among other things, the doctor will recommend you and sour cabbage: calories are low, saturates well and acts on the body more sparingly than fresh cabbage.

Experienced pregnant women will tell you that sauerkraut saved them from nausea during periods of toxicosis. A mother or grandmother can sum up: the product is 100% natural, no harm from him and can not be! It's much better than smoked salts, which future mothers are often abused in minutes of gastronomic rush.

Sour cabbage is actually useful. And for the body of a pregnant woman can do a lot of good:

  • Contains a lot of vitamin C and selenium needed to prevent ARVI and in general to strengthen the immune system (well helps with chest pain and fever) , as well as for better assimilation of certain nutrients, particularly iron.
  • Provides the intake of iron in the body, necessary to prevent anemia and to form the fruit of their stocks.
  • Contains folic acid - a vital for a pregnant woman and a future baby vitamin (involved in the formation of new cells).
  • Improves the absorption of proteins due to the vitamin B6 included in its composition.
  • It is a champion in the content of vitamin K, especially necessary in childbirth, as it helps increase blood clotting.
  • Eliminates nausea (especially pickled cabbage brine), which simply saves during toxicoses.
  • Useful for the prevention of ulcerative diseases, as well as the development of cancer cells in the child.
  • Improves the condition of nails and hair (in addition to the named elements also contains nicotinic acid, zinc and magnesium).
  • Prevents heartburn - just start eating with 2-3 tablespoons of sauerkraut.
  • Activates the digestive processes, eliminating constipation and preventing swelling.
  • Brine is especially useful for hemorrhoids.
  • Eliminates pathogens from the intestines.
  • Supports the metabolism is normal.
  • Normalizes the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, and also regulates the acid-base balance in the body.
  • Quickly satiates and contains few calories (100 grams of sour cabbage contains 25 kcal), and tartronic acid prevents the formation of fat deposits and removes carbohydrates from the body, which is very important for a pregnant woman. In this case, the pickle promotes an increase in appetite, which sometimes is also necessary for a future mother.

This list can be continued. The main advantages of acidic cabbage are its properties: anti-inflammatory, restorative, immunostimulating, bactericidal, analgesic, anticarcinogenic.

However, all the benefits can be negated by the uncontrolled consumption of this product.

Doctors caution: in large quantities, sauerkraut can lead to flatulence. In view of the fact that it has a lot of salt, abuse can provoke the appearance of edema. In general, you should be careful with sauerkraut in diseases of the kidneys, liver and pancreas, as well as hypertension, gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcer with high acidity.

Take note that the pickle is considered even more useful than the sauerkraut itself, but at the same time it acts on the body much softer. However, in any case, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor on this issue.

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