Sauna during pregnancy

Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the sauna?

Bath during pregnancy: benefits and warnings

A visit to the future mother of a bath or sauna causes ambiguous assessments of gynecologists. If a woman feels herself well and respects the regime of staying in a thermae and a dressing room, then a visit to the steam room will not hurt her and will be useful. The woman thus deeply cleanses her body, removes excess fluid and gets rid of excess weight, if any. The use of a bath during pregnancy is a general improvement of the body, when it becomes possible to breathe essential oils and strengthen its immunity. This is especially useful in periods of seasonal colds and flu epidemics. After all, it is absolutely impossible for a woman to be treated chemist's drugs, and prevention has always been the best treatment. For a pregnant woman, the prevention of colds in a bath is especially useful if staying there is accompanied by the use of herbal tea with lemon, broth of rose hips with honey.

On the other hand, doctors fear that in an interesting situation the body can react negatively to high temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist before going to a sauna or a bath, to take tests, to check the condition of the pressure.

You can not visit the bath in the presence of such contraindications: low placentas or complete presentation of the chorion, rashes on the skin, infections of the reproductive system, hypotension, hypochlorism.

If there are no such contraindications, then an infrared sauna and a Russian bath can go pregnant for good.

Sauna in early pregnancy

One of the contraindications to visiting a bath is the early pregnancy. Doctors do not recommend doing this for up to 12 weeks. The reason is that in this important period the placenta and the child's organs are formed. If a woman at an early age does not feel herself well, she has symptoms of toxicosis, there is a threat of miscarriage, then, of course, with a hike in the sauna you have to wait. Excess loads of benefit to a woman will not bring. You can not visit the sauna in the early stages, if the future mother was not there until pregnancy. Do not do this for the first time in this position.

That is, both the sauna and the bath with pregnancy in the first trimester are not compatible. And in the second and third trimester, provided you feel well, there is no threat to the fetus, you can visit a pregnant woman's sauna.

For a perfectly healthy woman who before the onset of an interesting situation regularly visited the bathhouse, the tradition should not be canceled. This event will be an excellent training of a woman and preparation for future childbirth.

Rules for attending a sauna for pregnant women

When visiting a paired future mother, you must observe a number of important rules. And the most important of them is to listen to your own well-being. As soon as you feel dizzy, uncomfortable, heavy, it is necessary to leave the steam room and lie horizontally in the dressing room:

  1. The head should always be covered with a tissue made of natural material.
  2. In between visits to the steam room, you must always drink hot tea, juice, water. The more you drink, the faster the sweat and the general cleansing of the body.
  3. Cooling the body after the steam room is mandatory. A pregnant woman is better if the periods of stay in the dressing room will be twice as long as staying in the steam room.
  4. The future mother does not need to lie on the top shelf in the steam room, it is better to be on the bottom. And do not sit, but lie down. Finding the legs and head on one level is a condition for well-being.
  5. Stay in the bath in rubber slippers to avoid falling and contracting fungal diseases.

So, the sauna is a good way to harden the body of a future mother. Listen to yourself and observe the measure, then the steam will be easy, as well as feeling after the sauna.

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