Scabies during pregnancy

Scabies during pregnancy - causes, symptoms and treatment

Briefly about scabies

Scabies is an infectious disease of the skin that causes a skin mite. Infection occurs, as a rule, from a sick person, and at the same time his things, underwear, touching the body can be dangerous. Infection is possible and with sexual contact.

The incubation period of the disease has no clear time boundaries. Symptoms of the disease appear in a week after the tick hits the skin. Getting on its surface, the tick penetrates under the skin, feeds and reproduces very quickly. You should know that outside the skin of a person, the mite lives up to 15 days, if no heat treatment and disinfection of all items touched by the patient has been done.

Scabies mites can be found in things made of wool, silk, cotton. A favorable place for their dwelling is home dust. For this reason, airing the room, wet cleaning during pregnancy are doubly important for health.

Danger of scabies during pregnancy

If scabies are diagnosed and treated in time, then the consequences during pregnancy, that is, negative effects on the fetus, are not available. It only causes discomfort to the pregnant woman, hinders her peace and rest with constant itching. When this disease is started, the skin appears purulent and infection of the skin can adversely affect the future child.

You should know that during labor there is also a danger of infection with scabies. The consequence of this infection can be a newborn's disease. And the problem is that in infants, scabies are often confused with hives. They are similar in symptomatology and are manifested by skin blisters with bloody crusts on the face and back. If the diagnosis is incorrect, scabies can develop into a dangerous purulent infection. For this reason, during pregnancy, it is necessary to treat scabies in time and to observe hygiene in order to avoid infection by the mite.

Symptoms of scabies during pregnancy

Symptoms of scabies during pregnancy are the same as in all people. Among them, the most pronounced are the following:

  1. Itching. It intensifies in the evening and at night.
  2. Subcutaneous courses of an itch mite. They are visible on the skin, if the places of irritation are not combed.
  3. Bubbles between the fingers, on the wrists, elbows, hips, genitals.

If you have these symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor. Early diagnosis of scabies is the key to its successful treatment. In the hospital, the doctor usually takes a scraping from the skin and gives it to a laboratory test. Only after this treatment is possible.

Treatment of scabies during pregnancy

Any disease during pregnancy, and even more infectious, should be treated before the onset of labor. It is important to start the fight against the disease as soon as possible. After the pathogens - female individuals - reproduce very quickly and affect a large surface of the skin, causing considerable discomfort, scratching, irritability.

You should know that there is no single universal remedy for scabies. Choosing a method of treatment, a dermatologist must be informed about the woman's pregnancy, because many medications are contraindicated in bearing a child. They lead to pathologies in the development of the fetus and even to miscarriages.

During pregnancy, scabies are treated with ointments, aerosols, creams. The folk medicine will not be superfluous either. Among them are tar soap and baby cream. A mustard oil with garlic helps in the treatment of scabies. At 0, 5 kg of oil, you take 100 grams of chopped garlic and boil the ointment for 20 minutes on low heat. Apply this ointment should be on the irritated areas of the skin.

So, scabies during pregnancy do not represent a serious danger to the fetus in case of timely contact with a doctor and the appointment of appropriate treatment.

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