Sea kale during pregnancy

Sea kale in pregnancy is good, contraindications and risks of use

By the way, during pregnancy, the iodine content in the body is very important within the limits of the norm. This is necessary already starting from the first trimester of bearing the baby. If there is a shortage of this substance, there may even be a miscarriage or a child with insufficient weight will subsequently be born. However, if you consume large amounts of sea kale, there may also be some problems, so it is best to consult a doctor before eating this product.

During the gestation of a woman, the woman is gaining excess weight. Some nutritionists recommend to include in the daily diet of sea kale for those women who are prone to obesity.

As for restrictions in the use of sea kale, it is contraindicated for people who have diseases of the digestive tract or urinary system.

Before buying a sea kale in the store, you should consider some of the nuances. Basically, this product is sold as canned food and can be consumed immediately. However, when buying seaweed in a frozen form, it should be thawed, thoroughly washed, and then consumed. It happens that sea kale is also found in dry form, then it is necessary to soak it in water (approximately it takes 12 hours), and then washed.

Experts recommend buying in a frozen form and independently prepare different dishes from it. Remember that canned sea kale contains more salt and has a preservative E 220, which negatively affects the work of the kidneys.

Always look at the product line, because it's not just about your health, it's about the health of the child.

Do not be afraid that excessive consumption of sea kale during pregnancy can cause trouble in the development of the child. Such fear is groundless. The fact is that overabundance due to sea kale can only be if you eat sea kale daily and kilograms.

It is much easier to get an overabundance of iodine from pharmaceuticals that contain this trace element. Natural remedies are much more easily absorbed by the body and only in the quantities in which it is needed.

The problem can arise if you have problems with thyroid. Then this gland of your body can not cope with the redistribution of iodine. In this case, contact an endocrinologist.

Eat right during pregnancy!

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