Seeds of plantain in infertility

Seeds of plantain with infertility are useful properties, use and contraindications

Healing power of plantain with infertility

The medicinal properties are not only the seeds of plantain, but also the leaves and roots of the plant. They are used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, endocrine pathologies. The plantain contains a large number of mineral salts that restore hormonal imbalance in the body. Therefore, even our ancestors used plant seeds to treat infertility in women. Modern folk healers and homeopaths also use decoctions of plantain to restore the full performance of the reproductive system in men and women.

Plant seeds help to eliminate inflammatory processes in the uterine appendages, tubes. In addition, decoctions of psyllium seeds are recommended for painful menstruation, adhesions of the small pelvis. Men such a folk remedy will help improve sperm motility, which will positively affect the fertilization of the egg.

For the sake of justice, we note that there will not be an instant cure for the use of plantain seeds, so it is necessary to prepare ourselves for long-term treatment. As a rule, such therapy allows you to successfully conceive a child after 3-8 months of taking the decoction. By the way, the curative infusion can be drunk at any time, since it does not affect the phase of the menstrual cycle. Moreover, the decoction of the plantain seeds helps with excessive monthly bleeding.

Collecting raw materials and preparing a medicine for infertility

Unfortunately, not all pharmacies can buy seeds of plantain. However, you do not need to get upset in advance, because you can collect medicinal raw materials yourself. For example, in late summer or early autumn. Collect those seeds that have already dried up.

The recipe for cooking a decoction is as follows: brew one teaspoon of plantain seeds with a glass of boiling water, put in a water bath and cook for five minutes. After this, strain the broth and let it brew for a day. Take the medicine in a warm form for two tablespoons four times a day.

Note that the decoction of the plantain seed is an effective means of infertility, not only for women, but also for men. Moreover, the first signs of recovery in the stronger sex are manifested earlier. If you drink a decoction daily, then in two months you can celebrate excellent results. This effect is due to the difference in the physiology of male and female organisms. Therefore, the representatives of the fair sex, such signs appear only in the fifth or seventh month after the start of the decoction.


Unfortunately, such a medicine can not be used for people suffering from asthma, since the likelihood of attacks of an allergic reaction is high. It is also worth noting the treatment of plantain seeds with patients with high acidity of gastric juice. Diseases of the intestine, increased blood coagulability, thrombosis, cardiovascular pathologies - all these are contraindications to the use of broth.

At the end of this article, I would like to recall that infertility is curable. Therefore, do not treat this diagnosis as a sentence. It all depends on your desire and perseverance. The same opinion is shared by leading obstetricians and gynecologists. So do not let go of your hands, believe in success and do not despair under any circumstances. We are sure one day you will hear the cherished phrase: "You will have a child!".

Good luck to you and all the best!

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