Sexual life after birth

When can I resume sex after birth

Sexual life after childbirth - abstinence for at least 4 weeks

Sexual life after birth is clearly necessary, that's just the question of when and how to make the first sexual contact after the birth process, responsibly. Not a secret, that childbirth is a certain stress for the mother's body, it requires considerable energy costs and leads to certain physiological changes. And after giving birth, a woman needs time to recover: sex life in this case is usually shown no earlier than 4-8 weeks. Of course, everything here depends on the individual anatomical and physiological features of the "newly minted" mother, as well as on the way in which the birth took place, whether they were complicated or easy.

In any case, before 4 weeks of sexual contacts, doctors are not recommended to admit. This is the minimum time that is required for the resumption of the uterus after childbirth, as well as for its purification from the remnants of blood. Return to the intimate life immediately after the birth of a baby is contraindicated also because, that during this period the uterus is most susceptible to penetration into her infection. And the risk of infection will not disappear until it returns to its original state and does not recover.

If the birth was difficult, with breaks and incisions, the time before the onset of sexual activity after childbirth should go even further. Many people mistakenly believe that if the birth took place by a cesarean section, then such problems with regard to sexual activity, with the appearance of the baby, should not arise. And this is a completely wrong statement: after a cesarean section, a woman needs even more time to recover, until the seams from the operation heal.

Ideally, the "resolved" moment for the first sexual contact after childbirth is better for a couple to discuss with a gynecologist. A specialist will examine the woman's genitals and assess the speed and degree of their recovery, and therefore, will be able to determine when it is possible to start resuming sexual activity. In addition, the doctor will be able to advise the most appropriate method of contraception, in order to prevent re-pregnancy almost immediately after the birth of the baby.

Possible problems

But, even if the first sexual contact is performed according to the recommendations of the doctors, it can still not justify the "hopes" placed on him, both the mother and the father. The most common problems that young parents face at the outset of a baby's birth are anatomical changes in the vagina and its dryness. The first is due to the stretching of the vagina during the passage of the baby through the birth canal. With time, soothe the physicians, the vagina will take its original shape, and this process can be accelerated by performing special exercises (the so-called Kegel exercises). Their woman can perform even during pregnancy, which avoids unnecessary stretching of the vagina and the quickest return of it "in tone" almost immediately after childbirth.

Dryness of the vagina is also a temporary phenomenon, which is provoked by a deficiency of estrogens in the period after the birth of the child. The same factor becomes decisive in the occurrence of postpartum depression and depression in the mother, which are aggravated by fatigue. Men in this case are advised to treat their beloved woman with understanding, not only helping her physically, but also maintaining morally. To cope with the dryness of the vagina will help special lubricants and cream.

Often, women also complain of the discomfort that is felt during sexual contact after childbirth, on painful feelings while doing so. Such a situation can arise if the birth has been carried out with breaks requiring the application of stitches. Painful sensations arise if the seams "cling" to the nerve endings, and in this case it is recommended that together they try to find the most optimal position for having sex, the maximum attention of a man to the sensations of a woman. Over time, the nerve endings adapt to new configurations, but for now you just have to take care and listen to each other during intimacy.

Maximum attention and tenderness

After the birth of a baby, a woman requires a lot of attention and tenderness from the part of the man. Now she is more than ever (about the same, as during pregnancy) requires psychological support of a beloved man. Regarding sexual life: even if sexual contact is not desirable at first, tactile caresses are not forbidden. Now is the time to get acquainted with each other's body, find new sensitive areas and zones, treat each other with maximum affection and tenderness. That's only with women's breasts need to take care if a new small member of the family is breastfed. In general, the postpartum period is not only complicated, but also filled with new pleasant cares, joy and trembling. This is a new opportunity to re-evaluate the relationship between spouses, the opportunity to re-live the first minutes of dating on a physical level. The main thing here is love, mutual understanding, patience and ability to listen to each other.

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