Sexual life during pregnancy

Features of sexual activity during pregnancy

When a woman finds out that she is carrying under the heart of her unborn child, her world is completely changed. Household problems and hobbies go to a different plane. Therefore, intimate relationships in the first trimester of pregnancy are completely dependent on the state of health of the future mother. In most cases, toxemia during the first trimester discourages a woman from intimacy. The mammary glands become heavier, and because of this the sensitivity of the nipples increases, so the caresses of the chest seem unpleasant. As for the psychological state, then there is also not so simple. Irritability, anxiety and indifference appear. All these factors, of course, affect the sexual life - many women simply do not want to enter into such a state of intimacy.

Ask your doctor if you need to stop having sexual intercourse due to various possible complications (the possibility of miscarriage, the habitual miscarriage of pregnancy). If you still have physical contraindications, it is advisable to consult a specialist so that he can help overcome this difficult period related to restrictions in the sexual sphere.

Necessarily at the very beginning of pregnancy, and even better before it, both partners need to be checked for sexual infectious diseases, and if possible cure them. If this did not happen, then with intimate proximity, use condoms, otherwise you can seriously harm the baby.

The second trimester of pregnancy most often passes for a woman fairly easily. There is a desire for intimacy and improves well-being in general. This helps to fully enjoy sex with your loved one, many women are experiencing orgasm for the first time.

However, there are some nuances during this trimester that should be taken into account. It happens, that pregnancy observations bring new data that can partially or completely affect sexual relations. It is during this period that the possibility of abortion or the unfortunate location of the placenta can be detected.

At the last stage of pregnancy, most couples completely abandon sexual relations. The reason for this is an increase in the volume of the abdomen, which causes considerable inconvenience during intimacy. During this period, you can not strongly experiment in sexual relations, and you must choose only those poses that do not exactly harm the baby. These include the position of the side, the position when the woman is on top and the position on her knees.

A rather serious problem may be increased vulnerability of the cervix. Therefore, during sexual intercourse, there are minor bloody discharge. In this case, you should always consult a doctor.

Most doctors recommend to refuse sexual intercourse in the last month of pregnancy. A strong contraction of the uterus during and after orgasm can lead to premature birth.

As for the general recommendations, eachIf you have doubts, do not hesitate to talk about it with your doctor. Do not forget about the thorough hygiene of the body of not only the pregnant woman, but her partner.

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