Sharp pain during pregnancy

Sharp pain during pregnancy

The most common pain in the lower back - severe pains appear somewhere after the 5th month of pregnancy. This is easily explained: the load on the spine increases, the abdominal muscles are weakened due to a strong stretching. Pain gives in the legs, especially after a long walk, and occurs in the pubic region and hip joints. All this is due to the softening of the ligaments.

To overcome such pain will help a diet, the main products of which will be those that contain a lot of calcium. Take care, give as little as possible loads to the already congested spine, sleep on an orthopedic mattress, let your bed be rigid and elastic. And do not forget about special aerobics for pregnant women, aqua aerobics will be very useful - first, fortifying, and secondly, it provides unloading to your spine.

If you have any back pain, consult your doctor. Perhaps you have one of the neurological diseases, for example, radiculitis. In this case, a specialist will prescribe you a bed rest, recommend wearing a corset or bandage. But pain relievers will not allow painkillers to calm down often.

If you have symphysopathy - a hereditary disease associated with a significant stretching and softening of the pubis and a hemorrhage into it, the doctor will recommend to undergo treatment permanently.

Sharp back pain may be associated with impaired renal function. Especially - if your temperature rises, swelling develops, the color of urine changes. Nephritis is also treated only in a hospital.

But intensive sharp and even a few cramping pains in the lower back can mean renal colic in case of urolithiasis. Medic will prescribe antispasmodics and pain medications. You will also need to diagnose the stones and adjust your diet, adhere to a strict diet.

If sharp pains occur late in the day and you acutely feel them in the lower abdomen, and they are accompanied by secretions from the genital tract - immediately go to the doctor. With such symptoms, the threat of termination of pregnancy is not ruled out. The pain is constantly pulling, cramping. The doctor examines you, most likely, will put on hospital treatment, will try to find the reason.

Strong pain accompanied by ectopic pregnancy, When a fetal egg is attached outside the uterus. It is interrupted, as a rule, at 5-7 weeks. There is a sharp pain in the abdomen, it gives in the leg, into the rectum, a strong internal bleeding begins.

But still the pain in the lower abdomen is not always a sign of miscarriage. Often they are due to spasms of the intestine or stomach, which is poorly "triggered" due to malnutrition. In addition, during pregnancy, the intestinal peristalsis worsens, and therefore food progresses more slowly. Plus, the growing uterus exerts increasing pressure on the intestines. Pain can also appear due to a dysbiosis or colitis that you had before. Such pain can be sharp, but after an hour or two they disappear. Exactly until the moment when you again break your diet, so watch for food and do not forget about therapeutic gymnastics and walking in the fresh air.

Severe pain can occur with a strong physical load, or rather, even "overload." The abdominal muscles are straining and pain appears. You just need to relax and reduce your workload.

Fortunately, nature has made it so that diseases requiring surgical intervention are rarely found during pregnancy. This is an acute appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, pancreatitis. They are accompanied, as a rule, by constantly intensifying pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, dizziness.

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