Shortening of the cervix during pregnancy

Shortening of the cervix during pregnancy

Cervix and pregnancy

When doctors talk about a short cervix during pregnancy, with confirmation of the diagnosis by research results, this may be a symptom of ischemic-cervical insufficiency (ICS). It, in turn, is the cause of self-abortions and premature birth. The diagnosis of "ischemic-cervical insufficiency" means that the cervix and isthmus do not cope with the constantly increasing pressure of fetal pressure and amniotic fluid. This phenomenon leads to an early opening of the cervix. Recall that the cervix and isthmus are part of the birth canal of a woman. Sometimes the neck is by nature a small length. And often shortening of the cervix in a woman occurs as a result of different types of intra-uterine interventions associated with its expansion. These can be abortions, scraping, previous births with traumatization of the muscular ring of the cervix. At the site of the injury, scars appear, the ability of the muscles to stretch, contract - and the neck is shortened.

Why is the cervix shortened during pregnancy?

Shortening of the cervix during pregnancy can be caused by hormonal disorders. As a rule, this happens on the period from 11 to 27 weeks of pregnancy, and more often from 16 weeks. At this time, the child develops the activity of the adrenal glands. They excrete androgens - hormones that provoke the development of shortening of the cervix. Under their influence, the cervix softens, shortens and opens. The pregnant woman herself may not suspect that she is forming an ICI. After all, the tone of the uterus may be normal.

Usually, the ICD is diagnosed by a doctor while examining a woman on a gynecological chair. Confirm the diagnosis with the help of a vaginal ultrasound. When the length of the cervix is ??less than 2 cm, and the diameter of the internal pharynx is more than 1 cm, it is possible to ascertain the signs of the ICI.

If the cervix is ??shortened during pregnancy, this is the reason for close monitoring of the gynecologist. When this problem is caused by an excess of androgens, it is usually prescribed treatment with the drug dexamethasone. Also for the treatment of drugs are used, relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus, soothing agents, vitamins. Usually, after a few weeks of such therapy, the condition of the cervix stabilizes. Otherwise, they make a surgical correction. This means that seams are placed on the neck. Typically, this procedure is done until 28 weeks of pregnancy. Another option for correcting the problem is the obstetric pessary, that is, a special device that keeps the uterus in the correct position and reduces the pressure of the fetal water on the neck. This treatment option is acceptable after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

What is the danger of a short cervix in childbirth?

If the shortening of the cervix occurs immediately before birth, then this is considered a normal preparatory process. At the same time, the short cervix of the uterus during childbirth can become a factor in the onset of rapid delivery. They, in turn, are fraught with ruptures of the cervix and vagina.

Medical statistics suggest that shortening of the cervix during pregnancy can be the norm for women whose births are not the first.

In order to avoid the negative effect of shortening the cervix on delivery, a pregnant woman must constantly and strictly observe the doctor's appointment, go through medical examinations on time and visit a gynecologist at the time specified by her.

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