Shrimp during pregnancy

Shrimp during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

The use of shrimp for the body of a pregnant woman

If you loved shrimps before pregnancy, then you can use them in an interesting situation. Do not give up those delicacies that are familiar to your body. I want to? So you can, not a little.

What is the use of this seafood in pregnancy? Shrimps saturate the body with proteins and trace elements, iron and acids. The systematic use of the product positively affects the formation of the bones of the future baby, the development of the nervous system, the brain. In this case, shrimps are an easy product for the digestive system, have a hematopoietic effect on the body, and saturate it with iodine. All these positive factors of the influence of shrimp on the pregnant body are possible provided they are properly heat treated.

Is it possible to shrimp during pregnancy

Of course, you can eat prawns and those women in a position that they did not eat before. In this case, a measure is needed. Eat a little and follow the reaction of your body. As a rule, an allergy to shrimp during pregnancy does not occur. But to avoid any force majeure abusing seafood is not recommended. This refers to frequent consumption and eating a large amount of shrimp in one meal. Two or three times a week for 100-150 g will be enough for the future mother. If there is no special craving for seafood, then you should not force yourself to eat them! When a product is consumed by a pregnant woman without desire, then even indigestion is possible.

Useful tips on the use of shrimp

The data of the institutes of nutrition indicate that in seafood there is almost no fat, and the saturation with proteins and trace elements makes it possible to exceed the meat of animals. For example, mussels are much more useful than eggs of chicken. Squids and shrimps have in their composition not only iodine, but also hemopoietic elements. However, the benefits of consumption will only be provided that there is sufficient heat treatment of the shrimp. Seafood retains its properties in all sorts of dishes, combinations with other products. Therefore, you can safely experiment with shrimp, introducing them into the salads, garnishes. An important point in the use of shrimp is the place of their purchase. You need to be sure of the quality of the product, its freshness. After all, in an interesting situation the body of a woman is more susceptible to harmful substances. That's why, you should not buy seafood from dubious sellers in the markets. Buy seafood in stores and pay attention to the availability of certificates of quality and shelf life.

If you are talking about finished products, you should carefully read the composition indicated on the label. Excessive addition of vinegar, spices and preservatives can cause indigestion or heartburn in a pregnant woman. Therefore, it is better to buy seafood in a supermarket and cook them at home, using freshly prepared ones.

You should know that lobsters, crawfish, shrimp can have a high level of mercury in their composition. The use of such products in food is fraught with a pregnant woman with a violation of the development of the nervous system of the baby. And this is another argument in favor of buying seafood in stores, where they are checked by sanitary services for compliance with GOSTs.

It should be noted that oysters, shrimps, mussels should boil in water for at least 6 minutes before the purchase of even milky white.

So, shrimps and other seafood can be consumed by future mothers provided they are bought in stores and properly heat treated. Eat correctly, observe the measure, watch the reactions of your stomach - and then you and the child will feel great!

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