Signs for pregnant women

Known signs and superstitions during pregnancy

Signs for pregnant women related to the birth of a child

The first sign: a pregnant woman can not cut her hair, since a child can be born prematurely

This sign goes back to antiquity , when the hair was a charm. They could not be combed, thrown to the wind and conduct other manipulations, not adhering to strictly defined days. It was believed, that if you cut your hair or part with them at all, you can shorten your life or deprive yourself of prosperity.

To date, there is no evidence of a relationship between haircut and delivery.

The second sign: a pregnant woman can not look at the terrible, because the child will be born ugly

This sign really has some grounds, because even medicine claims that the child, being in the mother's womb, very Sensitively responds to the emotional state of the mother. That is why it is recommended for future mothers to contemplate everything beautiful, aesthetic and to experience as much positive emotions as possible.

The third sign: you can not talk about pregnancy in the first months - otherwise it will be jinxed

This is due to the fact, that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did not have adequate medical care. And if we can medically medicate with the problem of the first trimester, then our grandmothers had no such opportunity. That is why any complications of pregnancy were perceived as a result of the evil eye.

If you also believe in the evil eye, then as an amulet, we recommend you as often as possible to say to yourself such lines of the amulet:

Most Holy Theotokos, strengthen.

A star in the sky. Water in the river.

The fruit is strong in me.

In the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


The fourth sign: a pregnant woman can not be sewed, cut, patted, so that the baby does not have a birthmark.

This sign, rather a warning to the fact, so that the future mother does not get hurt, and does not feel a sense of fear and fright. Indeed, the truth, fear can affect the condition of the baby, because the relationship between the skin of the child and the skin of the mother is not excluded.

The fifth sign: a pregnant woman can not be knit and carry things with knots

This is associated with a general idea of ??the nodes. It was believed that the knot tying the baby out into the world, and the ropes - this is the umbilical cord, in which the baby can get confused. That is why many pregnant women still wear red thread, not braiding them in knots.

As for modern traction, there is nothing dangerous in knitting during pregnancy.

Sign of the sixth: pregnant women can not be eaten secretly, as the child will be born shy

This sign is also aimed at protecting pregnant women, since food secretly, in the dark or on the go can lead to gastrointestinal disorders or fright if someone disturbs a pregnant woman during a meal.

The seventh sign: a pregnant woman can not sit on the threshold or step over obstacles

Since ancient times, the threshold is the boundary between a stranger and a home, so this is also a warning that " endure ". Moreover, we all know that the threshold is a draft, so it's dangerous to sit on it.

Signs for pregnant women about the future child's field

The first sign: if the belly of a pregnant woman becomes covered with hairs, then there will be a boy

This condition is due to the fact that in the body of the future mother male hormones predominate, which increases the chances of giving birth to a boy. However, there are a huge number of women who, with hairy tummies, gave birth to girls.

The second sign: if the belly of the pregnant woman is high, there will be a girl, if low - a boy

High abdominal position may indicate that either this is the first pregnancy in a woman, or she is in good physical shape, since the muscles supporting the uterus become weaker with each pregnancy. If the stomach is protruding forward, it is possible that the pregnant woman simply has a wide body and the child has nowhere else to go. A wide abdomen is an obvious sign that the fetus is still sideways.

Third sign: a fast heartbeat in a pregnant woman - there will be a girl, a slowed-down boy

Indeed, the babies of a girl are born with a more frequent palpitation, this alone concerns only childbirth. During pregnancy, heart rhythms do not differ by sex.

Believe only in good and be happy!

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