Signs of pregnancy by a girl

What are the signs of pregnancy as a girl?

Folk signs of pregnancy girl is very unreliable. By and large, looking out for such signs is nothing more than guesswork. But how interesting and entertaining!

If the patience is waiting for the second trimester, when ultrasound can show the sex of the child, no, or the kid hides all the time, not giving you the opportunity to look closer, you can and tell fortunes. The definition of a child's sex by popular methods is the favorite entertainment of many future mothers, their relatives, girlfriends, neighbors and acquaintances. The main thing is, do not take it seriously. Because in practice the differences between these signs are very large. Let's check?

Appearance of the future mother

This is the first thing that "connoisseurs" begin to pay attention to. Some argue that it is the person who often issues a new position for women. And in the period of the girl's bearing, the changes that occur with him are not for the better (remember, the girls take away the beauty?). Many pregnant women feel as if they are becoming completely unattractive: the face is rounded and even slightly swollen.

The situation is aggravated and the skin condition: it dries, flakes, can be covered with age spots. Such a common sign of pregnancy, like the darkening of the halo of the nipples, is also for some reason attributed to the mothers of girls. Acne and acne on the face during pregnancy by the girl - too not a rarity.

Deterioration of the appearance, and the condition of the face in particular, during pregnancy, the girl is due to a decrease in the level of female hormones, which the baby allegedly picks up for herself.

Many upset and rapidly increasing size: mainly the hips and buttocks. But breast growth is especially pleasing to future fathers - it takes enviable forms and outlines. However, when the girl is born, the left breast is said to become slightly larger than the right one. In general, the whole left side of the woman is predominant, as you can see below.

Pregnancy as a girl can also give a rusty hue of hair.

The shape of the abdomen

When the stomach begins to grow and increase, people will certainly want to make their predictions about the sex of the child, assessing the appearance, outline, shape and size of the tummy. So, the people believe that the girl hides a large, rounded, high-lying belly in the form of a melon, which "spreads" in the sides. He acts forward smoothly, harmoniously, merging into one circuit with the whole body.

And recently, scientists generally came to the conclusion that girls are more likely to be born in thin women, because the female fetus is more resistant to unfavorable conditions, which include the underweight of a future mother. And who only sponsors this kind of research - I'm amazed!

The behavior of the child

Even on the stirring and palpitation of the baby, we can assume that the baby lives in the tummy. She prefers to spend time in her left side, as well as pushing mom into the liver. The girl's heart commits 140 and more beats per minute.

"Leading" party

An interesting suggestion is to perform a series of tests to determine the leading side of a woman. It is believed that when a girl is pregnant, this is the left side, that is, the expectant mother steps with her left foot forward, takes her left hand and so on. Here are some simple tests that will help determine the very side:

  • Climbing the stairs, which foot do you put higher?
  • Getting up from the floor, which side are you leaning on?
  • On which side do you prefer to sleep and lie?

The answer is left, then wait for the girl.

Another way to check the floor: show your hands, just pull them forward. If you put your palms up, you will have a girl.


Women are always credited with some illogicality in thinking and spontaneity in their actions. Probably, that's why it is considered that the woman who is bearing a girl is somewhat unpredictable and vorbalmna. Do not try to understand it and do not be angry because of its whims. Sometimes she herself is not happy with her unpredictable mood and character. And she can not understand why she is so annoyed by men!

In addition, pregnant girls are accused of non-assortment, confusion, disorder and inattention. Therefore, one should not set difficult tasks for them and entrust important matters to them. Although, unlike pregnant women, these women rarely have a headache, but they want sex less and generally are passive in everything.

Another fact: all the same strange scientists believe that the stress of parents, born on the eve of conception, leads to pregnancy by a girl.

Gastronomic preferences

Notorious early toxicosis and morning sickness also torment mainly mums of girls (although among the signs of pregnancy, you will also find nausea and ill health among the boy). And those of them who can and want to eat show great finickyness. They are attracted mainly to sweet, fruit and especially citrus and orange juice. It was noticed that such women do not eat crust from bread, eat meat without special predilection, and do not feel constant hunger at all, like mothers of boys (why then do they get fatter?).

Other signs of pregnancy by girls

In addition to these symptoms, there are many others. Some of them are ridiculous and ridiculous, some quite contradictory. So, in different sources it is said that the color of urine in women waiting for the daughter is often changed, but here with the shades of unambiguity is not present: almost the whole range is called from light yellow to dark brown.

The people say that if during pregnancy a woman freezes her limbs, then she wears a boy. Consequently, warm feet point to the girl. Although in terms of well-being everything is the other way around: constant internal heat is a sign of pregnancy by a boy, chills - a girl.

If you like to guess, you can determine the sex of the unborn child as follows. Tie a gold ring to the thread and hold it over the tummy (the ring can be replaced with a regular needle): if it fluctuates from side to side - wait for the girl! But even here with the results, everything is very confused: many sources give the opposite information: the ring describes the circles - there will be a girl. Obviously, someone invented, the other - did not remember the third - again mixed up, and went-went.

The most original signs of pregnancy girls

Finally, I will give a few, I think, very very unusual signs, none of which I personally would not trust. But you can compare them with your personal experience:

So, you will have a girl if:

  • You take the key from the table, holding on to its sharp end.
  • The first child in the family will first learn to say "mom", then the second girl will be born.
  • The father of the child wears loose underwear.
  • Before pregnancy and at the time of conception, you went to bed with your head to the south.
  • Your age at the time of conception, in sum with the number of the month in which the child was conceived, will give an odd number (there are many different numerological ways of determining the sex of the child).
  • Future parents at the time of conception were already married (illegally born more often boys).
  • Future parents live a regular sex life.
  • A future mother loves a father more than he does her.
  • You always think about wearing a girl under your heart.

Healthy logic

Now let's get back to reality a bit. In hot pursuit, I want to immediately comment on the last sign: it's been a long time and it seems that everyone knows that the sex of the baby is determined at the time of fertilization of the egg. What spermatozoon she will meet, so will be the sex: with the chromosome X or Y. And from this it follows that genetically for the sex of the future descendant the father answers.

Finding out in one's own attributes can be a fun activity, but the whole theory has no scientific justification. Perhaps girls really wear a little easier, because with the boys in the mother's body there can be a kind of "hormonal conflict". However, many women disagree with this. Doctors do not share the bearing of girls and boys: for them, pregnancy in this sense is no different. A child's sex can reliably determine only ultrasound or biochemical analysis of amniotic fluid.

Finally, I want to refute the above signs of pregnancy girl on personal experience. Firstly, my daughter and I did not experience so many of these symptoms. Secondly, I compare my "girlish" pregnancy with the same "girlish" pregnancies of girlfriends and sisters and I confirm: there is very little in common for the same indices, and coincidences are most likely either accidental or characteristic for the majority of pregnant women. And, thirdly, it does not really matter who lives in the tummy. The main thing is that this miracle grows well and develops, it is safely born, was healthy and pleased mom and dad with their uniqueness. I wish you happiness!

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