Signs of premature birth

What are the signs of the onset of premature birth and is it worth worrying

Premature birth always carries a certain danger, and the greater the shorter the period at which they took place. Thus, premature delivery at week 28 has a big risk of ending badly, because the immune, respiratory systems and internal organs of the baby are not yet ripe for the performance of their functions. Risks decrease closer to the expected date of delivery, but even premature delivery at week 36 is best prevented, if possible.

In the arsenal of doctors there are many ways and years worked out the scheme of prolonging pregnancy, which found itself under the threat of interruption. But to prolong the bearing of the baby, which is still a little early to appear, can only be if the birth has not yet begun. In this light, it is very important that a pregnant woman can independently recognize the signs of premature birth and without delay go to the hospital, if this happens.

What does the future mother feel?

About the risk of a baby's birth before a woman can tell the signs that she feels even before the onset of premature birth:

  • frequent painful contractions of the uterus;
  • pain in the abdomen, like with menstruation or diarrhea (worse with movement);
  • Stool disorder, sometimes - vomiting;
  • dull pain or a change in pain in the back, sacrum, waist, hips;
  • sensation of pressure on the perineum and coccyx;
  • change in the nature of vaginal discharge (spotting bloody, transparent watery).

Already, if you have any of the indicated signs or several of them, you should consult your doctor for advice.

However, often everything starts suddenly and swiftly - and the birth process can not be stopped (the risk of the development of events under this scenario is increased if the woman's pregnancy is not the first in a row).

The following signs indicate the beginning of childbirth:

  • more frequent and intense bouts (more than 8 times per hour);
  • diversion of amniotic fluid;
  • the detachment of the mucous plug.

With the passage of amniotic fluid, births must necessarily take place, because the child is already in danger - he is deprived of a nutritious life environment.

In such a situation, it is extremely important to arrive at the hospital in time, so that doctors can take premature births and help the baby adapt to the birth. Do not forget that such babies need special care and specialized care, in the absence of which the outcome of premature birth can be unfavorable.

What can the doctors notice?

We want you to call not to worry about this. First, even in the event of the onset of labor before the due date, doctors know perfectly well what to do and how. Secondly, if you do not miss planned surveys and examinations, then there is no cause for concern, because doctors can suspect the risk of this pregnancy outcome by examining pregnant and laboratory tests. To this they may be indicated by the location and behavior of the fetus, the shortening and softening of the cervix (as seen on ultrasound and on the gynecological chair).

But still do not stop listening to yourself and your own feelings. And if something disturbs you, do not be afraid to disturb your doctor once again. Your own feelings remain the main guarantee, because even a pregnancy under strict medical supervision can end prematurely.

Often in women, there are so-called training fights, which they take for premature birth. In this case, you should drink half a liter of water or juice, calm down and lie on your left side. If the alarm turned out to be false, the bouts will stop. In this case, spasms, which increase when moving in the event of the onset of labor, will stop when the body position changes in case of false bouts, and the child at this time will move (which does not happen during childbirth).

Remember also that very much depends on our thoughts and attitude. Think only of the good, and most importantly - learn how to react calmly to any situation, because in a state of panic and meditation, it does not always work out adequately.

You will be fine! Millions of women have gone through this - and now rejoice in their continuation in beautiful children!

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