Smecta during pregnancy

Smecta in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

If you have tried all the improvised means for eliminating heartburn during pregnancy, and gnawing seeds, chewing rusks and drinking milk seems to you ineffective, then the doctor can advise you Smektu.

Smecta in pregnancy: instruction

Smecta is a powdered medicinal product based on dioctahedral smectite (substances of natural origin). Action Smecta is versatile:

  • soothes and restores irritated stomach and intestinal mucosa;
  • protects the mucosa from the effects of aggressive factors;
  • Absorbs slags, toxins, gases, pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Neutralizes the action of bile and hydrochloric acid.

Usually Smecta is prescribed for diarrhea - chronic and acute, often caused by poisoning or viral diseases. But also this drug helps to eliminate heartburn, and for this reason it is often prescribed to pregnant women.

Smecta in pregnancy is taken as a one-time course, and the course - it all depends on the severity of the situation. If the doctor appoints you Smektu for treatment, then he also prescribes the dosage appropriate in your individual case. Usually, adults take 3 packages a day. In this case, note that between taking Smekty and other medications or food should take a break in 1, 5-2 hours. The only exception is the condition with esophagitis, when Smektu should be taken immediately after a meal.

To take the medicine, the contents of the sachet must be dissolved in half a glass of warm water, and for a homogeneous dissolution, the powder must be gradually added and dissolved in the liquid, and not vice versa.

Is it possible for Smecta in pregnancy

Smecta is considered an absolutely safe drug - it is safely prescribed to babies from the first days of life, pregnant and lactating women. The drug acts only inside the stomach and intestines, not absorbed into the bloodstream, and leaves the body in an unchanged form, while simultaneously removing microbes, viruses, toxins, slags, gases.

In therapeutic doses, it does not cause constipation. But if, on the background of Smekty's intake, the emptying of the intestine was still difficult (Smecta moves around the intestine slowly enough), then you should try to reduce the dosage of the medication: as a rule, it helps - and the staple disappears on its own. And among the contraindications to the use of the drug there is only an individual intolerance and intestinal obstruction. But in some cases, it is still possible to vomit and increase body temperature as a side effect.

Remember that heartburn is not worth it and can not be tolerated, especially in your situation. Belching, heaviness in the stomach, burning sensation & hellip; The future mom should feel good and comfortable. But if you take Smectus for a week, and there is no positive dynamics, you should cancel the drug and tell your doctor about it.

In spite of the fact that Smecta is not forbidden to use during pregnancy, it is not necessary to resort to a doctor's appointment without her help. And do not forget that in addition to the harmful and poisonous substances for our body, the particles of Smecta absorb and expel also useful bacteria that participate in the digestion and maintenance of normal intestinal microflora. Therefore, the intake of any medications during the period of gestation should be reduced to an absolute minimum, resorting to the help of pharmacology only in extreme cases and only according to medical indications.

Be healthy!

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