Smell during pregnancy

Smell during pregnancy

We want to immediately reassure you that in the overwhelming majority of cases this is absolutely normal. The effect is temporary and will take place soon after childbirth or stop breastfeeding, but for now you will have to accept the "pregnant" smell. But a "suspicious" flavor can be a definite sign that something is amiss in the body. If there is a smell from the mouth during pregnancy - you should consult a dentist and perhaps even a gastroenterologist. Unpleasant or unusual smell from the vagina can be a symptom of thrush or other infectious, inflammatory sexual diseases. In this case, it is necessary to give smears from the vagina and the cervical canal.

But if all the tests are normal, and a bypass on the specialists confirmed that there is no cause for concern, then the originators of the smell from the body of the pregnant woman are, of course, hormones, more precisely the change in their level and the relationship in the body of a future mother. Do not worry if you do not catch any smell - often from women in the position does not smell anything at all, and if it smells, it is not different than before pregnancy.

The only smell for all pregnant women does not exist - each smells in its own way, although in many cases, these smells may coincide. In most cases, women and their husbands claim that it is the smell of milk, often descriptions are given such as "paired", "boiled" and so on. Most likely, the same smell is meant by the spouses of pregnant women, when they say that their wives smell "pregnancy", "childhood", "something tasty" or "sweet." It should be said that almost all breastfeeding mothers smell like milk. And during pregnancy the body of a woman is just tuned for the forthcoming breastfeeding. And in general, such a smell from a woman is natural, natural. Much worse if it smells of something else.

Not all pregnant smells emit a milky smell. There are cases less pleasant and "tasty". So, future moms describe that they smell of sperm, chips or other food, vinegar, strong sweat (even if they do not sweat at all), sometimes with urine. Of course, in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor, but almost certainly that he will respond in the same way: hormones & hellip;

Try to adhere to hygiene standards as strictly as possible. Several times a day take a shower, use deodorants without perfume and other "delights" - natural, which do not stink and do not clog pores. If the cause of your smell is pregnancy, then you will have to endure it. Do not feel embarrassed at the same time. Who does not like - do not sniff. Believe me, this is a penny price for the happiness of motherhood. Pay it with ease. The main thing is for you to understand and support your spouse. Tell him about the reasons for this inconvenience, and let him worthy of it endure with you. By the way, a good test of feelings and attitudes. . .

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