Smoking at an early age terms of pregnancy

Than smoking is dangerous on early terms of pregnancy

In the Internet, you can find many reviews, the essence of which is this: "Do not bother, I've been smoking all the pregnancy and nothing, the baby was born on time and is perfectly healthy." Let's not forget that you are not that commented girl, and not even your own sister, who in the first three months of pregnancy could not unlearn this bad habit. We will also think that neither you nor the mother who wrote such a comment can know how the child will develop and what will be his state of health in the future. Experts warn that smoking is always dangerous, because nicotine, as in any way, is a mutagen. Yes, in some situations, smoking may not affect the fetus, or, on the contrary, may cause pathology. Medicine is not mathematics, therefore it is difficult to trace a clear interrelation in such cases. Really, considering this, you are ready to risk your health, and even life (smoking can provoke a miscarriage) of your child?

Particularly harmful smoking in the early stages of pregnancy, because it is during this period is the laying and formation of all the future child's systems. Even with one puff, the kid gets a huge amount of nicotine, carbon monoxide, benzapyrene. And all these "goodies" already not the best way to display on the child. For example, nicotine, which so craves for smokers, causes oxygen starvation.

Based on this, it is not even surprising that most children born to smokers, are born with low weight, often get sick and develop slower than their peers.

In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy, smoking can lead to miscarriage. Unfortunately, the placenta is not a barrier to the pathway of toxic substances of tobacco smoke, whose substances affect the ability of the placenta to transport various nutrients. The presence of nicotine in the body reduces blood flow in the vessels of the placenta and reduces the supply of nutrients to the fetus.

No less frightening is the fact that smoking in the early stages of pregnancy three times increases the risk of having a child with a "wolf mouth" or "hare lip." The formation of these pathologies scientists explain by the fact that it is at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy is the formation of the sky.

Unfortunately, there is a common myth, the allegedly sudden refusal to smoke leads to the development of a "withdrawal syndrome" in the fetus. Simply put, the child has "smoked" with his mother for some time, his body is used to it and now, for normal life, needs nicotine intake. This is completely untrue. Smoking should be thrown as soon as possible and immediately. Think about what is more important for you: minute pleasure or the health of your own child.

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