Soda during pregnancy

Soda during pregnancy - from heartburn, thrush and other unpleasant diseases

It all depends on what you do, how and for what you will use baking soda during pregnancy.

Soda from heartburn during pregnancy

Oh, and do not need to tell me how she gets the pot-bellied moms! It's just that there's no life-everything burns inside all the time! Heartburn during pregnancy is a phenomenon as frequent as unpleasant. Therefore, many pregnant women are saved from burning only with soda. But is it safe? No!

First, let's look at how soda extinguishes heartburn? After all, probably, each of us at least once in my life, and tried this method and made sure of its effectiveness. Indeed, soda helps very quickly. It reacts with gastric juice and neutralizes that acid, which causes us to feel a fire. But at the same time, carbon dioxide is formed, which increases the secretion of gastric juice. Thus, you repaid one serving, provoking the next one. The relief that has come is actually visible, as it entails the continuation of heartburn.

In addition, soda irritates the intestinal mucosa, so even out of pregnancy is not recommended for ingestion. And during pregnancy is completely forbidden! After all, what is baking soda? This is sodium bicarbonate. You, of course, do not care how chemists call it or who else is there - just to help! But know that sodium, accumulating in your body, will cause the appearance of edema, and if you already suffer from them - then further aggravate the situation. Be especially careful with this in the second half of the term.

And with regard to heartburn - there are many other ways to eliminate it. If you choose a drug, then for this during pregnancy only suitable so-called non-absorbing antacids. These include, for example, Maalox, Alfogel.

Soda with thrush during pregnancy

No less trouble brings thrush during pregnancy. And then soda is also oh, how good! We hasten to please you - THERE it does not cause anything, except for the benefit in this situation, so use it boldly. The only thing that: not with the help of douching, but washing: on a glass of warm boiled water, pour a teaspoon of soda. Cure of the thrush this solution, of course, can not, but the infernal itch will remove, and this is already quite a lot.

Soda for gargling during pregnancy

If you are used to gargling during the flu or ARVI using soda - there is also nothing to fear. If not used - we advise not to ignore this method. Harm to neither the child, nor you from such procedure will not be. And the benefit, in view of the ban on many medications and herbal remedies during pregnancy, can be tangible. With angina, pharyngitis, stomatitis, laryngitis, rinse the oral cavity with a solution of soda: 1-2 teaspoons per 250 g of warm water.

Soda for determining pregnancy

And finally, a little cheer you. There is a folk method of determining pregnancy with the help of soda - such a home test. To conduct it, you need to collect a small amount of morning urine by all the rules - a gram so one hundred. And pour into the container with the liquid being analyzed a teaspoon of baking soda. And now we evaluate the results:

  • if all this business roughly hiss and will be covered with bubbles or foam - there is no pregnancy;
  • If the soda precipitates without reacting with urine - pregnancy is confirmed.

It sounds silly, but fun. Let's check? Does it sizzle or sag in your case?

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