Soda from heartburn during pregnancy

Can I take soda from heartburn during pregnancy?

Today we will try to discuss in more detail such a nuisance, which often worries women during the bearing of a baby, - heartburn. Namely: is it allowed for pregnant women to use baking soda during burning and burning chest pains. After all, every future mother, who cares about the well-being of her baby, is concerned about this issue.

Why does heartburn occur during pregnancy?

Possessing information about the root causes, it is always easier to overcome the ailment. Therefore, before condemning soda treatment, let us recall the factors that trigger the appearance of heartburn during pregnancy.

Many women in the second and third trimester are beginning to feel a burning sensation, especially after eating. Modern representatives of the fair sex are very advanced in matters of their own health, so from the first day of conception they try to exclude from their nutritional diet all the sharp dishes and to lead the correct diet. But even, Despite all the precautions, they rarely manage to avoid burning. Moreover, the problem does not just arise, but its intensity has an increasing character.

  1. The uterus begins to increase in size and thereby squeeze the internal organs. Such physiological changes lead to a displacement of the stomach, as a result of which pressure is created on the esophagus and esophageal sphincter.
  2. Hormonal restructuring during pregnancy has a relaxing effect on the functionality of the muscles of the digestive system.

Somehow it is impossible to influence the listed factors, but you can reduce the appearance of heartburn. The most popular and popular means of burning is soda. Many use it and during the bearing of the baby. But how safe this method of treatment is, let's find out.

Soda from heartburn: the positive side

Sodium therapy really helps to eliminate burning and burning pain behind the sternum. The main advantages of this method are:

  • efficiency;
  • fast result;
  • Availability.

In addition, this "medicine" is usually found in the home of each hostess.

Soda from heartburn: negative sides

Soda begins to act from the first minutes after use. But, unfortunately, in 10-20 minutes the burning sensation appears again, and already with new force.

The reason for this is carbon dioxide, which is formed after the interaction of soda with hydrochloric acid. It is this substance that irritatively affects the esophagus, resulting in a new attack. This effect is also called an "acid ricochet": when the medicine ceases to function, and the burning pain returns with renewed vigor. The following processes can also be referred to disadvantages of this method:

  1. Lack of sodium salts in the body of a pregnant woman can lead to edema.
  2. After the application of soda, the blood becomes alkaline, which can provoke problems with the kidneys and urinary system.
  3. Negative changes in the intestine.
  4. Regular use of soda may in the future disrupt the functionality of the cardiovascular system.

At the end

Is it possible to use soda from heartburn during the bearing of the baby? The answer to this question will be positive. But there is one "but". As we have already explained, soda therapy has a short-term result. In addition, such a symptom is the result of natural physiological changes, to which soda has no effect. Therefore, before using the "soda method" of treatment, it is better to cock all the pros and cons.

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