Sore eyes during pregnancy

Why do my eyes ache and tear during pregnancy?

And really, why do the eyes hurt during pregnancy? What is the reason? Let's try to understand.

Hormones are to blame

Hormonal reorganization of the body. This is the main reason for all the changes that occur in it. The same can be said about vision. In pregnancy, estrogen levels decrease. Therefore, the fluid needed for normal functioning of the eyes becomes insufficient. This can be manifested by redness, darkening, eyes can even itch. Some women have long-sighted problems. Others notice short-sightedness. The third eye may be watery. Some pregnant women will even need glasses! Do not worry: after birth, usually such problems disappear.

But there are situations and more serious. Water retention, for example, can cause thickening or curvature of the cornea. This is not very important, but it may well affect the effectiveness of glasses, contact lenses of a woman. Therefore, during pregnancy, you can not do eye surgery or change old lenses, do not change glasses, buy new ones.

If a woman undergoes a change of vision during pregnancy, then surely they will be insignificant. Statistics show that in most cases after birth all changes come back to normal. But, nevertheless, the visit to the oculist will not be superfluous.

Eyes will tell about deviations

It happens that the problems with vision are a signal of alarming changes during pregnancy (for example, pressure increase). Pay attention to the following: bifurcation, blurred vision, sensitivity to bright light, temporary lack of vision, spots and flashes before your eyes.

Be sure to tell your doctor about swelling or swelling around your eyes. This is another signal of increased blood pressure or impaired renal activity. In such cases, the eyes are an indicator of abnormalities in the normal course of pregnancy, that is, not the injured body, but the catalyst for change. As a rule, the treatment of the problem leads to the normalization of the eye: pressure is stabilized - eyes no longer hurt.

How else does pregnancy affect the eyes

A pregnant woman may notice that her eyes become dry, inflamed. To facilitate dryness, you can buy in the pharmacy "artificial tears" . They are sold without a prescription.

Pregnancy can also change the course of old eye diseases. But, for example, the state of glaucoma during pregnancy on the contrary can improve. And in this case it is necessary to make changes in the usual maintenance therapy for the eyes. If you have glaucoma and you are planning a pregnancy, an ophthalmologist can minimize the prescribed doses in order to avoid the effects of medications on the baby.

If you are used to wearing contact lenses, then try not to go with them for long. When the improvement does not occur, it is better to wear glasses before delivery. Do not forget about the harm of the computer, even if it is your newest generation. Long stay in social networks can also increase dryness and inflammation of the eyes.

It will be useful and elementary gymnastics for the eyes: the rotation of the eyeballs, closing and opening of the eyes with the palms of the hands, strong screwing up and wide opening of the eyes.

And one more tip: no matter how bad, you hardly felt yourself during pregnancy, look at the world with smiling eyes!

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