Sore throat during pregnancy

Angina in pregnancy - how dangerous, how to treat and possible consequences

But, first of all, we will understand the terminology of this disease. So, angina (acute tonsillitis) is an acute infectious disease that is characterized by inflammation of the throat.

The danger of this disease is that, if untimely treatment, the infection spreads to the thoracic and intracranial cavities, as well as throughout the body. It is not difficult to guess what such complications are fraught with. In addition, elevated body temperature, which is a true companion of angina, can lead to congenital malformations of the future baby. In addition to the companion of this disease, can lead to congenital malformations of the future baby. In addition, fever, intoxication, nutritional deficiencies and fetal hypoxia that occur in the background of infection can lead to the threat of termination of pregnancy or premature birth.

Therefore, if you feel unwell, and the symptoms of angina are obvious - contact a doctor immediately. Pregnant must be treated with angina. But it is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of the position of a woman: very many medications and traditional remedies for the treatment of sore throats are prohibited for use during the period of bearing of the child. And it is in the wrong insecure therapy that there is another great risk for the pregnant woman and her baby.

Treatment of sore throat during pregnancy

If the sore throat is accompanied by high fever, call the doctor at home, while you should not knock down her medication alone. Well, for now the doctor has not arrived, you can ease your condition by following such recommendations:

  • the first thing to do is to go to bed to allow the body to actively fight the disease;
  • every hour, drink a cup of warm tea, mors, or compote;
  • Take vitamin C;
  • if you want to eat - eat light soup or salad;
  • rinse your throat with salt or soda solution, as well as decoction of herbs.

It is important to consider that the final diagnosis can be made only by a doctor and, most likely, will prescribe antibiotics or will select an adequate treatment in your position.

In a complex with medicines, which you will appoint a doctor, you can speed up the recovery process by turning to folk medicine. Just remember - folk medicine does not replace traditional treatment, but is an auxiliary therapy! To cure an infectious disease, which is an angina with some rinses does not work, but here's to speed up the recovery process - easily!

In the absence of allergies to herbs, you can safely use them for effective rinsing with angina. For the gargles come the broths of sage, calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus and St. John's wort. Prepare them fairly simply: brew a couple of tablespoons of herbs per liter of water, we insist for half an hour, filter and gargling. In addition, if you prefer inhalation, then all these herbs can be used for inhalations in angina even during pregnancy.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that timely treatment to the doctor, as well as adequate treatment and supportive therapy - these are the three components that will help you get rid of tonsillitis in the shortest possible time.

Be healthy!

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