Sorrel during pregnancy

Sorrel during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

Benefits and harm of sorrel in pregnancy

Sorrel contains in its composition such vitamins: C, K, B1, carotene and essential oils, oxalic and tannic acids, potassium and molybdenum, iron and phosphorus.

Sorrel during pregnancy is recommended for use in such diseases:

  1. Inflammation of the bladder.
  2. Angina.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. Diseases of the liver.
  5. Diseases of the intestines.

But there are diseases, in the presence of which future mothers should not use this product. Among them, urolithiasis. Because sorrel helps in the formation of oxalates, it can sharpen the disease. Also, it is contraindicated if a pregnant woman has violated purine metabolism, that is, gout. It is characterized by the accumulation of uric acid in the tissues.

In order to prevent excessive intake of oxalic acid, it is recommended to use sorrel in combination with lactic acid products. It's not for nothing that oxalic borsch is eaten with sour cream. And the benefits of this combination are explained by the fact that calcium with oxalic acid forms compounds that are not absorbed in the intestine. Thus, excess accumulation of oxalate oxalic acid in the tissues does not occur.

By the way, many pregnant women use calcium preparations to strengthen their teeth and bones. Therefore, to combine sorrel with them will be very useful.

Sorrel is contraindicated in future mothers, if they have worsened inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Then the sorrel will become an additional irritant of the gastric mucosa. This can lead to the formation of erosion.

Doctors advise to use sorrel during treatment of sore throat. Since sprays and other medicines, traditionally used to treat sore throats, are not suitable for future mothers, it is better to stop the choice of treatment with folk remedies. Sorrel sorrel - a good tool for gargling. They will help better penetration of essential oils and other beneficial substances of the product into the inflamed tonsils.

Possible use of sorrel during pregnancy

A good assistant will be sorrel for pregnant women with stomatitis and gingivitis. In this case, you need to do rinsing with sorrel infusion.

Use sorrel during pregnancy can be used as a remedy for diarrhea. Then the product is used in raw form, adding to salads. In the same form it is used for diseases of the intestine and liver.

Future mummies to save their attractiveness can use sorrel as a cosmetic. This is a decoction of sorrel for washing with inflammation of the skin, acne. This often happens to women. They say that the blame for this is the birth of future daughters, who take beauty from their mothers. You can also use the product as a component of the mask. For example, from an oily sheen, you can mix equal amounts of crushed sorrel, protein and blue clay.

The second variant of the mask will be a good remedy for pigmentation. You need to take a tablespoon of sorrel juice, add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide and knead oat flour until thick.

And you can also prepare oxalic lotion for rubbing the problem skin. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of chamomile and turns, add 10-15 leaves of crushed fresh sorrel and pour a glass of steep boiling water. After infusion and strain, you need to add 50 grams of vodka to the liquid. Wipe face with such a lotion of pregnant women is recommended in the morning and evening.

So, sorrel for expectant mothers is useful in nutrition, face care and as a folk remedy.

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