Sports after birth

When can I start sports after birth

With nature, of course, you can not argue, But looking at yourself in the mirror after giving birth, it's very difficult to enjoy reflection. A sagging belly, pronounced sides, cellulite - all this is not a complete picture of the figure that we get after giving birth. That is why the desire to regain weight and adjust their forms is visited by almost every one of us, as soon as we return home after childbirth. However, losing weight after childbirth is not so easy, because after childbirth we need to take care of a child whose main food is breast milk. Therefore, various express diets and heavy physical exertion can provoke the loss of breast milk.

The most effective option to lose weight after giving birth and return your figure a beautiful look - play sports. However, here it is necessary to take into account a number of recommendations, so that physical activity is for the benefit, not to the detriment. It is about sports after childbirth and decided today to talk and consider all the rules and prohibitions that concern physical activity in the period after the birth of the child.

Sports after delivery: when to start?

According to experts, even in the first days after childbirth, you can practice ordinary morning exercises, which we have known since childhood. However, all exercises should be performed in a pleasant rhythm and in clothes that will not restrain movement, and support the chest. You can perform 10-15 exercises, which include: squats, torso bends in different directions, "mill", walking on the spot. Such an easy gymnastics uses all muscle groups and will allow you to slowly adjust your body to more serious loads, which are allowed only from 4-5 months after childbirth.

Beginning from 4-5 months, when the female body begins to recover and your attending physician gives "good" to active sports, you can enroll in yoga or pilates courses, start running in the morning and continue to engage in easy gymnastics. Starting from this time period, you can start to swing the press, because only now the abdominal muscles begin to recover. Previously, this should not be done.

Already by this time, provided that you will perform exercises regularly, your figure will find more attractive shapes and we assure you, the result will please you.

Six months after the birth, you can safely attend a sports club. We recommend you to do oriental dances, shaping or aerobics - they will help tighten weakened muscles and get rid of extra pounds.

Sport after childbirth: increased intensity of physical activity

The main rule of effective sports is the gradual increase in loads. The fact that the body of a woman after birth is rather weakened, so he needs a gradual physical load.

We note that after giving birth, many women experience psychological discomfort and depression due to hormonal changes, so starting to move is a whole problem. To defeat depression and get yourself into sports, you need to start with at least 5 exercises that you will perform daily. Regular performance of even minimal exercises will allow you to feel much more energetic and will later adjust to a more serious fight against excess weight.

Do not forget every week of physical activity to add one or two exercises to gradually increase the load and more effective result of losing weight.

Sports after childbirth: how to combine physical activity with the care of a child?

If you think that doing sports and caring for a child is very difficult, then you are mistaken. After all, for physical activity during the day you will need only 15-20 minutes. And now let's remember how many times a day your baby sleeps? That's the same! It is not necessary during the sleep of your child to take up cooking dinner or cleaning the apartment. These cases can be done during the day or ask relatives to help you. But to make your figure attractive, unfortunately, no one except you can.

Take for the rule of doing gymnastics after feeding the baby and do not forget that even ordinary walks in the fresh air can become an excellent physical activity. Alternate fairly fast walking on a walk in a park with slow walking, thus, loading the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Also, you can not sit in the park on the bench, but do a few squats and torso of the trunk. Some women practice walking on their toes, rolling a stroller.

Remember that a 20 minute walk with a stroller burns about 150 calories. Therefore, even regular daily walks with a baby in the fresh air can not only return a good figure, but also give a good mood, restore muscle tone and present the world in a new, bright light.

We sincerely wish you good luck and great results!

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