Stimulation of birth

Stimulation of births - ways, methods, evidence

When will the delivery take place? All women who are waiting for the birth of their baby think about this question. In most cases, births pass naturally, and this occurs after the 37th week of pregnancy. However, there are also medical indicators, in which the appearance of the child should take place earlier the line.

There are cases when the birth begins spontaneously, and then progresses more slowly and slowly, then stops altogether. This is called weak labor activity. Therefore, when the contractions stop or they are not intense enough for the baby to appear, the doctors begin to stimulate childbirth.

Stimulation of labor in the maternity hospital

Stimulation or artificial delivery of labor should be done very carefully. During the procedure, doctors try to do so, that in 3-5 minutes there was one fight and no more. If for 3-4 hours of stimulation there are no results, and labor activity does not begin, then you need to do cesarean section and remove the baby.

The reduction of labor is associated with a constant violation of a woman's menstrual cycle, with the emergence of endocrine problems and inflammation of certain organs. There are several ways of modern stimulation of labor. An experienced physician should choose the one that best suits the parturient woman.

If the cause of delayed delivery is that the cervix is ??not ready to be opened, prostaglandins are used to "mature" it. These are hormones that immediately begin to affect the generic activity. The main advantage of this method of stimulation is that the side effects are minimal, and the disclosure of the cervix is ??quite significant.

When the mother has a weak contractile activity of the uterus, doctors use the method of amniotomy - the opening of the fetal bladder. Due to this method, the outpouring of amniotic fluid is caused, after which the pressure inside the uterus begins to fall, the baby's head begins to press on the pelvic bone, the cervix is ??opened - and labor begins. The method of amniotomy is also safe for the baby and mother, complications can occur very rarely.

However, if even after the opening of the fetal bladder the contractions do not begin, then they need to be stimulated. For the procedure, doctors use oxytocin, an analogue of the natural hormone that the pituitary gland produces during the delivery. Oxytocin can be used in the form of tablets or intravenously - this is the most common method. The lack of use is only that the woman will have to limit her movements, since she will need to lie under the dropper. Apply oxytocin together with antispasmodics - drugs that relax the muscles of the uterus. All doses should be selected individually. Among the contraindications to the use of oxytocin is the impossibility of the birth of the child by birth, the incorrect position of the fetus, and increased sensitivity to the drug.

It should also be taken into account that the stimulation of childbirth is not always justified. Any methods of this procedure have their contraindications. Stimulation is not carried out if:

  • the size of the child's head does not match the size of the mother's pelvis;
  • the baby is bad inside the mother, judging by the cardiomonitor;
  • the fruit is not properly positioned;
  • Mom has health problems.

The decision to stimulate delivery is taken by the doctor. In doing so, he must weigh the pros and cons of such a procedure. Stimulation of labor is justified only if:

  • pregnancy is overdosed;
  • Multiple pregnancy and no contractions after the 38th week;
  • there are relevant medical indications;
  • a malfunction occurs during the delivery process;
  • the cervix does not open;
  • fights abruptly stop;
  • A woman is too tired from fights.

Childbirth after stimulation

How will the birth of your child, with accuracy can not predict anyone. And this does not depend on whether the stimulation of labor was used. Nevertheless, the "medical" acceleration of the development of events during childbirth leaves its imprint on the process itself, which, according to the laws of nature, should pass without any interference and acceleration. In particular, there are data (and the experience of parturient women who have undergone artificial stimulation, this confirms) that births with drug-induced stimulation are more uncomfortable for the parturient woman, because the pain due to the use of drugs is amplified and felt sharper. Nevertheless, the practice also proves that the prolongation of the birth process, among other things, is facilitated by the fear of the woman in labor before the pain. And so you need to calm down, learn to relax and cope with pain. Remember that during childbirth the pain threshold of a woman decreases, and she is able to withstand any pain without risk to life - this is provided by nature. Think about the baby: it now urgently needs your support and help. Do not forget that for him, childbirth is also a serious test, which he passes with dignity!

And do not be discouraged if the birth is to be stimulated: it is carried out exclusively in the interests of the child. Although, of course, it is better to talk with your doctor in advance so that to resort to medical stimulation (if suddenly) they resorted only in case of emergency under strict testimony (alas, in recent years, the birth has been stimulated more often).

However, if a woman truly overpowers pregnancy, then she can try to cause fights on her own - even at home, while time allows.

Natural stimulation of childbirth

Many women begin to stimulate generic activities without even setting such a goal. They simply continue to lead a habitual way of life, are engaged in daily affairs, but some of these occupations in the late stages of pregnancy accelerate the opening of the cervix and cause the onset of labor. Such properties are, in particular, sex. Irritation of the cervix during sexual intercourse leads to the beginning of its opening. In addition, male sperm contains substances that also affect the processes of labor. And active contractions of the uterus during orgasm further strengthen the stimulating effect of the birth. That is why there are many cases where women gave birth easily, quickly and simply the next day after a quality night with her husband.

A good and safe provocation of labor is the stimulation of the nipples, which can be performed not only by the partner during sex, but even by the woman herself, if she begins to delay pregnancy. Irritation of the nipple region leads to the production of the hormone oxytocin, necessary for the process of childbirth.

Any physical exercise can cause the onset of labor in a natural way: whether it's a long or intensive walk, gymnastics, housework. If a woman is already on demolitions, then in any case she can give birth within a few hours after such activity.

Some advise to take a warm enough bath to speed the onset of labor. But with this method one should be more careful, but if the waters have already departed, then it can not be applied at all.

There are other ways how to lure a baby to the light. Among them there are comical ones: for example, to shine a lantern in the lower abdomen, attracting the attention of the baby and directing it to the "exit". Meanwhile, not all of them help.

Do not forget that the baby can easily linger in the tummy: perhaps the X-time has not yet come. Or maybe it's time to let the doctors act if the examinations confirm the unhappy child in the womb. In any case, remember that a positive attitude is one of the most important factors in this matter. Tune in for the best, and know that there are safe methods that will help give birth to a healthy baby!

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