Stoleta during pregnancy

Stolet with pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

It happens that a woman in the position of coughing torments so that you do not want to live right. Not always folk remedies (all kinds of inhalations, mustard, warm milk with honey and iodine nets) can help in the fight against coughing. Then the question naturally arises: what is to be treated, so as not to harm a small life? And very often in such cases, the drug comes to the aid of Stodal.

Stoat during pregnancy: instruction

Stoletail is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat a cough of various origins. It exerts on the body a bronchodilator effect (bronchial dilatation), mucolytic (diluting and facilitating the excretion of sputum) and expectorant action. And although this drug is homeopathic, pregnant women should still apply before using it for advice to a doctor.

Dosage, as a rule, is calculated by the attending physician. If there are no special indications, the dosage of Stodal for a pregnant woman is calculated in the same way as usual for adults - 3-5 times a day for one tablespoon or 15 ml of the drug. Measuring the required dose is very easy: for this, a measuring cap is attached to the medicine bottle.

A stool without fear can be combined with the use of other drugs that are safe during the period of pregnancy, which you have been prescribed - it does not affect their effectiveness. In the instructions to the drug, only one contraindication to the use of this drug is indicated - the individual intolerance of any of its components.

As for the side effects, they probably can arise, but so far there is no data on this from pharmacologists: the drug is usually well tolerated.

Is it possible to Stood during pregnancy

Some special warnings about the use of Stodal during pregnancy in the instructions for its use is not indicated. Homeopaths assure that Stodal can be treated at any time, if this is necessary.

However, it is worth considering, that the composition of the drug includes ethyl alcohol. And although its concentration is insignificant (1 tablespoon Stodal contains 0, 206 g of ethanol, 1 teaspoon - 0, 069 g), you should not overlook this fact. Also, pregnant women with diabetes need to take into account that one tablespoon of Stodal contains almost 1 bread unit (HU).

Reviews of Stodal among women who took it during pregnancy, are different. But more all the same positive: to the majority of women he with a tussis to consult has helped, not causing any unusual reactions. But there are women who did not help Stodal cough.

In any case, before taking the drug is required specialist consultation. In no case can you do self-medication, because it can have negative consequences. Even healthy people sometimes earn themselves problems when they try to treat themselves without a preliminary medical examination. It is the doctor who must establish the origin of the cough, its nature, nature and cause. Only then can we talk about the appointment of any kind of medications.

Moreover, the doctor will determine the duration and intensity of treatment: Stodal refers to drugs that stimulate sputum liquefaction, its coughing, and therefore take it only during the most difficult period of coughing. If expectoration occurs independently, then stimulate it is meaningless: so cough can be artificially prolonged. With the help of a doctor, it will be possible to determine whether a pregnant woman really needs a coughing effect with the help of Stodal, or else one can avoid taking it.

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