Strawberries during pregnancy

Strawberries in pregnancy - good, contraindications and risks of use

Strawberries during pregnancy: can or can not?

  • First, let's make a reservation that strawberries can be used not only in fresh form. After all, from the leaves and dried strawberries you can prepare a delicious aromatic tea. And jam? It is unlikely that there will be someone who with a peace of mind can refuse it.
  • Secondly, let's clarify that every human body is individual. Each of us has its own "weak spots" and, unfortunately, chronic diseases. Each of us carries one, and absolutely can not tolerate other products. All this suggests that it is necessary to decide whether it is possible or not for strawberries during pregnancy, individually in each individual case. And it would be nice to have a specialist. As a minimum, with a therapist or allergist. But all this, of course, is good on paper. And in reality, which of the pregnant women will run to the doctor to ask if it is possible to eat this or that product? That's why you should know the basic public information about these berries.

You can reassure future moms by the message that strawberries are not contraindicated to pregnant women. On the contrary: these small forest berries are a whole storehouse of vitamins, and therefore are very useful for both mother and future baby. But this does not mean that now you need to pounce on a kilo of strawberries and swallow it in no time. Overeating here is useless. Moreover, do not forget, that strawberries, although useful, but which is no allergen. And therefore, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of your body and when there are any suspicious manifestations (rash, redness) to respond adequately. If there are no undesirable manifestations, you can eat strawberries without fear. But, again, not tons!

There is an opinion that the berries of garden or forest strawberries should not be consumed immediately before childbirth: for a day or two. Otherwise, especially if the expectant mother has been eating berries for both cheeks and in large quantities (more than 70-100 grams in one sitting and several times a day), the baby may have an allergy. As a rule, it appears on the cheeks of a newborn in the form of a red small rash. Sometimes the color is so intense (bright red) and the allergy can go on for a long time, that the doctors of the maternity hospital have to give the newborn baby antihistamines. For example, suprastin.

By the way, some doctors say that allergens contained in strawberries can be neutralized with ... milk! Therefore, lovers of this kind of yummy fish are poured strawberries with milk or prepare cocktails: both delicious, and useful, and safe.

As for tea or broth from strawberry leaves, during pregnancy, it is advised not to use it. The fact is that such a drink can increase the contraction of uterine muscles and lead them into a state of increased tone. Accordingly, hypertension of the uterus, especially in some situations where a woman already has a threat of abortion, not the best condition. Therefore, in this case, the rule is: "God takes care of the bereaved".

It is unequivocal that strawberries are contraindicated in pregnancy if a woman is diagnosed with one of the following diseases: chronic gastroduodenitis, pancreatitis, dyskinesia of the biliary tract. Also, do not eat strawberries pregnant women with increased secretion of gastric juice. This is also true for those who suffer from individual intolerance to strawberries. However, it is doubtful that a person with obvious intolerance will want to consume it.

Another tip: do not buy strawberries in the bazaar. After all, in this case there is absolutely no guarantee as a product. Sellers may simply not tell the truth about exactly where and under what conditions the berries were harvested. Therefore, it would be nice, if a pregnant woman received berries from a vegetable garden relatives or friends. If it is a forest strawberry, you need to know the reliable information about the places where it was harvested: how far from this place is the carriageway located, whether the forest is contaminated, whether there are nearby factories and enterprises that negatively affect the environment, whether there are contamination by radiation.

The benefits of strawberries during pregnancy

As you know, strawberries, whether forest or garden, have not only excellent taste and aroma, but also a variety of medicinal and useful properties for the human body. The fact is that strawberries, however, like strawberries, contain a large number of necessary and useful substances. In particular, we are talking about vitamin C, whose role for the body is difficult to overestimate. True, do not forget, that an overdose of vitamin C for pregnant women is a rather dangerous phenomenon. So do not be zealous.

Among other useful vitamins, these fragrant small berries contain vitamins of the group K, B5 and B6. In addition, the strawberry is rich in other substances, as it contains folic acid, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, riboflavin, and also omega-3 fatty acids. According to the content of iron strawberries occupy the first place. It is proved that these berries contain four times more iron than in apples. As you know, iron is one of the important elements in the composition of human blood. In addition, strawberries contain useful organic acids, esters of salicylic acid. All this makes strawberries one of the most useful berries.

Strawberries also contain phytonutrients and antioxidants. And the first, and the latter are struggling with free radicals, which are known to damage the cell membranes. And this, in turn, causes the formation of tumors, as well as the aging of tissues. Antioxidants, thanks to which the strawberries have a bright red color, are able to slow the aging process and, moreover, to prevent the oncological diseases.

If the expectant mother takes care with her own health and listens carefully to the body, then one can not worry that something will go wrong. And in matters of the use of a particular product, the main thing is not to overdo it, because in everything you need to know the measure. Even if it is divinely delicious.

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