Stretch marks after childbirth

Stretch marks after childbirth - how to prevent the appearance, and how to remove them

But: stretch marks after childbirth - not an obligatory consequence and in no case a fee for the happiness of motherhood. You can avoid them very much if you pay attention in advance to this problem. Stretching after childbirth, as in many other cases, is much easier to prevent. Although it will get rid of them in case of occurrence it is also possible, just this process will not be instant, it will require a certain time and patience.

Prophylaxis of postnatal stretch marks

So, in order to reduce the risk of stretch marks after childbirth, you need to start taking care of your skin beforehand, preferably before pregnancy. To do this, you need (if necessary) to bring the weight back to normal, and then just do not allow it to swing sharply. Food consumed in food should be diverse, contain in sufficient quantities all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Already during the gestation the baby should be closely watched and for weight gain.

One of the necessary conditions for a normal pregnancy, as well as its appearance - a full rest and enough sleep. As the development of a new life, it is necessary to choose the correct underwear: for example, a bra should hold well more and more heavier breasts. After the third or fourth month of pregnancy, you can get a special fixation band: it helps to avoid excessive stretching of the skin and relieves stress on the spine.

Water is an effective method of preventing stretch marks, namely, contrast shower procedures. It is good to take and special baths, but you need to make sure that the water is not very hot. In the bath you can add sea salt or broths of herbs - St. John's wort, chamomile, lavender, yarrow. After bath procedures it is desirable to rub in the skin, especially in problem areas (stomach, chest, buttocks) special moisturizing and toning cosmetics in the form of creams, ointments or gels. By the way, such funds will be useful not only after taking a bath, but also at other times (it is recommended to use them regularly: every day or every other day).

Elimination of stretch marks after birth

If stretch marks after childbirth remain a problem, it is possible to get rid of them due to a variety of methods. For greater effect, it is recommended to combine or alternate them, combining both popular proven methods and the achievements of modern cosmetology.

Regarding folk methods, in the course again there is water, and with it - compresses and rubbing, massages. A good adjuvant is the already mentioned contrast shower, a bath (now - with the addition of starch at the rate of 300 grams of starch per 2 liters of water poured into the tub). Compresses are made on problem areas, different stretch marks: for a compress you need to prepare a mixture of 1 liter of water, and a teaspoon of salt and lemon juice. In a hot solution, a terry towel is dipped and applied to the problem zone for 30 seconds, after which the towel is wetted in cold water and applied to the same place. Cold is generally considered a good way to return the skin to elasticity: to get rid of stretch marks, among other things, it is used and grinding with ice.

A good remedy is also rubbing after water procedures with a towel before redness. Tingling, massage - all these procedures help to improve blood microcirculation and provide the skin with the necessary oxygen and nutrients. You can also do a massage with a specialist who owns special techniques and tricks of the profession. And for a self-massage session, it is advisable to use all sorts of nourishing and moisturizing creams, aromatic oils.

Cosmetics to eliminate stretch marks after childbirth today can be purchased in a variety of options. Only it should be borne in mind that those of them that will have the proper effect in one case will not always be acceptable in the case of the other. That the aroma oil repents, then the most effective of them in the fight against stretch marks are the oils of geranium, lavender, mandarin, mint, patchouli, cloves. Before use, aromatic oil should be added to the base oil (olive, apricot or grape seed) and used during the massage.

If we talk about getting rid of stretch marks after delivery with the help of professionals from cosmetology, then the woman has a large enough choice of techniques. In eliminating stretch marks, physiotherapy, injection techniques and even surgical intervention can help.

Physiotherapy methods include:

  • laser grinding (laser destroys the connective tissue of stretch marks and restores elastic fibers);
  • myostimulation and radiolifting (exposure to the skin by an electric current of a certain frequency, which improves circulation and triggers the production of collagen and elastin);
  • Peeling and microdermabrasion (polishing the skin with fine abrasive particles that remove the upper layer, improve blood circulation and accelerate the formation of new cells).

Injection methods are:

  • mesotherapy and ozonotherapy (injection under the skin or special cocktails from medicines, vitamins, or medical ozone) - injected infectively during the procedure, the preparations restore damaged skin areas, improve microcirculation and return the skin elasticity and healthy color;
  • reinforcement with gold threads (introduction of gold threads into the deep layers of the skin) - gold, affecting the skin, restores its elasticity and elasticity, while the threads create a special "basis".
  • In the case when no other methods have helped to get rid of stretch marks, experts suggest to surgical removal of them - abdominoplasty. This operation is quite labor-intensive (stretch marks are removed together with the skin), expensive and requiring a recovery period. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct it only in extreme cases - if the stretch marks become the sole result of the birth of a child. In this case, it is often recommended to combine abdominoplasty with laser polishing or mesotherapy, in order to eliminate both small stretch marks and seams after the operation.

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