Sweet cherries during pregnancy

Cherry in pregnancy is good, contraindications and risks of use

Useful properties of sweet cherry

It is a low-calorie product because 100 grams of fresh berries contain about 50 kilocalories.

Cherry berries are a rich source of vitamins and trace elements. They contain a lot of potassium and calcium, magnesium and iron, copper and manganese, iodine, vitamins B1, B3, B6, C, PP, K, E.

Thanks to coumarins in the cherry prevents formation of thrombi. Dark berries are useful in hypertension, because they lower blood pressure. Anthocyanins in the structure of berries strengthen the capillaries, and the decoction of the peduncles is used as a remedy for heart diseases.

Fruits of sweet cherries stimulate the work of the kidneys, intestines, help with rheumatism, arthritis. Because they are rich in iron and vitamins, they are recommended for use with anemia.

Berries perfectly clean the body of poisons and toxins, remove harmful substances from the blood. When you use sweet cherry on an empty stomach it is easier to cope with constipation.

Amygdalin in its composition stimulates appetite, which is important for healthy eating of children. Useful berry and diabetics, because more than 70% of its carbohydrates - is a well-assimilated fructose.

Cherry has also expectorant properties, helping to overcome a cough. A handful of cherries every day in the season is a wonderful alternative to chemical medicines for kidney and hypertension diseases, arthritis and rheumatism, intestinal atony and colitis.

Traditional medicine recommends decoctions of cherry blossoms and leaves as anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents for colds and infectious diseases.

And cherry oil, which is about 30% in bones, is often used in the perfume industry.

Benefits of sweet cherries during pregnancy

In cherry fruits, trace elements help pregnant women avoid oxygen deficiency, as iron contributes to this. Potassium supports the work of the heart of a pregnant woman, phosphorus and calcium are involved in the formation of the musculoskeletal system of the baby.

The berry perfectly influences the functions of the central nervous system of the future mother. Cherry juice is a good expectorant for colds, which in the presence of vitamin C as an antioxidant strengthens the defenses of the body and helps to cope with the common cold.

The berry, moreover, during pregnancy, relieves of nausea, soothes the gag reflex, which means that it alleviates the symptoms of toxicosis. Dried cherries have a fixing effect on the intestines, and fresh - a laxative.

Pregnant women use the cherry and as a cosmetic. It perfectly helps with skin diseases, and also serves as an excellent moisturizing component of masks for dry skin type. A nutritious mask of sweet cherry with cream acts well on this type of skin. If you take equal proportions of cherries and strawberries, then this mask will narrow the expanded pores and exfoliate the dead epidermis.

Cherry for pregnant women serves to quench appetite and thirst, because it consists of a large amount of liquid.

When pregnant women need to observe the measure in all foods, and especially berries, because they have a lot of sugar. You should combine and balance the daily diet so that your body is saturated with vitamins always. There are no specific general recommendations on the number of cherries consumed per day. But the maximum should not exceed 0. 5 kg of berries a day when used in several ways.

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