Swelling in late pregnancy

Edema on late pregnancy

The rate of weight gain during pregnancy is 10-12 kilograms. Starting from the 28th week, a woman should, on average, improve the gram for 350g. Well, or not more than 500g per week.

If, of course, before pregnancy, a woman experienced a deficit in weight, then she "is allowed" to get in an interesting position and "lishku" in 2-3 kilos. But "dumplings" it is undesirable to gain more than ten.

Rapid excessive weight gain in pregnancy may indicate swelling. This is a signal of a serious complication of pregnancy, which doctors call gestosis. However, if in the evening only the feet and ankles swell, this is not the reason for panic. But if the fingers and the face are swelling, then the doctor should be contacted immediately.

Gestosis is found only in pregnant women and, as a rule, passes a couple of days after delivery. About one-third of future mothers suffer from this disease.

It starts in the third trimester, but can also make itself felt after the 16-20th week. Usually occurs due to any changes in the body of a pregnant woman, which entail the formation in the placenta of substances capable of making microwires in the vessels. From the blood through them penetrates the protein of plasma and liquid, and therefore there are swelling. Detect them only when weighing.

These "vile" holes appear in the vessels of the kidneys, through them the protein gets into the urine. It should also be taken into account that the more holes, the more a woman loses her protein, respectively - the more serious the disease. Due to the fact that the fluid leaves the vessels, the blood pressure rises, in addition, there is a thickening of the blood, which can lead to thrombosis. In any case, to accurately make a diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe a pregnancy analysis. Based on his results, he will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Edema is dangerous because the woman at first does not notice: she feels quite normal. But while various parts of her body swell, the placenta swells and the baby lacks oxygen, his brain suffers. And the symptoms of gestosis itself - drowsiness, nausea - can generally appear in just a few hours or even minutes before the cramps, which can become fatal both for the mother and the baby.

Gestosis may appear in women who are preparing to become mothers for the first time, for those who are waiting for twins, who give birth after 35, in future mothers with chronic diseases or with sexual infections.

To prevent swelling, it is worth noting muffins, sweets, eating fruits and vegetables instead. Do not get carried away with liquid and salt, cucumbers, do not drink more than 1-1.5 liters per day, given the soup and juicy fruit. It is recommended to drink broth of dogrose, cranberry juice, renal herbal collections. Salt should not be more than 1-1.5 g per day. Do not drink soda and sweet drinks. Also, it is not recommended to sit for long, stand, be in hot and stuffy places.

There are light, medium and severe degree of gestosis. With the first two are treated in the department of pathology of pregnant women. If gestosis is severe, then it is possible that a pregnant woman can get into resuscitation.

Treat usually with droppers that fill the lack of fluid and protein in the body, remove it from the tissues. loss of protein. The pressure is regulated by special antihypertensive drugs.

With swelling in the hospital, you can stay for about a week if gestosis of mild degree is two. However, women adhere to and during and after the treatment of a strict diet: they consume protein foods (meat, fish, milk), drink no more than 2 2. 5 liters per day. In addition, they recommend a full rest.

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